As smartphone users most of the times we are concerned about new firmware updates as they are supposed to bring new features, goodies and improvements. But sometimes, such updates do not meet our expectations and make our phone perform worse. It is then that we think of rolling back to the earlier version of the firmware. Similarly, if you have not been able to receive an OTA update, you might want to install the greater version of the ROM manually. Sometimes we root our phone and later decide to unroot it. You might get into a situation where your device refuses to boot properly for some reason and it is caught in a bootloop.

There might be countless reasons to install the official version of the firmware to any Android device. Installing the stock firmware manually might prove to be the best way to resolve all the aforementioned situations and restore your phone to a normal state. So today, we’ll see how you can restore official firmware on Motorola DROID MAXX (XT1080). Well, if you are new to such things, there is a tool called RSD Lite that is used to install firmwares to Motorola devices manually using a Windows computer. Having flashed a new firmware successfully, you will be able to unroot your DROID MAXX.


The procedure described below has been tested well but we do not take any responsibility if it fails for you or you end up with a bricked device. The chances of success depend on how you do the steps. So be careful as you go through the procedure and do not forget to make the preparatory steps. Proceed at your own risk!

Getting Prepared:

  • Download and install Motorola Device Manager on your computer. You can download it from here.
  • Download the RSD Lite tool and install it on your computer. In case you encounter an error with a specific version, you can try other versions too:
  • Download the appropriate firmware file for your Droid Maxx XT1080: Click here to download
  • Download and set up the latest Android SDK on your computer. if you do not know how to do it, read this tutorial.
  • Charge your phone to have at least 60% battery.
  • Turn on USB Debugging on your device. Go to Settings> Developer Option and check the box before USB Debugging.

Installing Firmware on Motorola DROID MAXX XT1080:

  1. Extract/unzip the downloaded firmware zip file.
  2. Now open it and look for a file with .XML extension.
  3. Open it with a text editor. You can use Notepad for the purpose. Right click on this file and select Open with.., and then open it using Notepad or any XML editor. Now find the following string and delete it:
     <step operation="getvar" var="max-download-size" />
  4. Now save the changes and close the text editor.
  5. Launch RSD Lite.
  6. Put your phone in AP Fastboot mode and connect it to the computer using USB cable (USB 2.0 recommended). To boot the device into fastboot mode using ADB command, open command/cmd window and type the following command:
    adb reboot bootloader
  7. Now click on the 3 dot button (…) on RSD Lite and select the .XML file.droid-razr-maxx-rsd-tool
  8. Now click on Show Devices button. If it shows you device, everything is okay.
  9. Finally, click the Start button. The installation will initiate.
  10. Wait till the installation is finished. When it is done flashing the firmware, your phone will reboot automatically.

When your phone boots up, it will on the newly installed stock firmware. If you have any issue while following up the procedure, make sure you have done everything as directed and start over again. Cheers!


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