You’ll hardly find a smartphone user who is happy with the volume intensity and battery life of  the device he/she owns. The race among different manufacturers to come up with the “slimmest ever” phone, does not allow them to employ bigger speakers and batteries to ensure louder volume and better battery performance.

Because we are aware that issues like these are some of the commonest grievances among the users, we do not miss to share any mod or workaround to solve them whenever we come to know of it. In the past we have covered various volume hack mods for different Android devices. In the present article, we’ll see another interesting volume fix mod for the newly released Google flagship, the Nexus 5. One of the reasons why this mod is so interesting is that it’s completely different from any volume fix method we have ever seen for Android devices. You need not root, a custom recovery, a root browser or a mod file to perform the mod presented below.

Nexus 5 is indeed one of the best smartphones today and it has received pretty positive reviews from critics too. It has a mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor,  2GB RAM, a good 4.5″ display and various nice specs. However, the only serious issue that many users of the phone are reporting is the low volume output of the speakers.

Adam Outler, the well-known developer from XDA, was having low speaker volume on his brand new Nexus 5 and when he contacted some other owners of this phone in his acquaintance, they reported that they did not notice any such problem on theirs. This made Adam think that the volume problem had something to with the hardware of the specific unit of the device he has with him. To solve this issue, he took a bold move that only a man of his mindset would do.

Adam pulled out the back cover and battery of his device and discovered something abnormal. On the closer look he found that glue used to stick the components of the hardware had made its way into unintended areas, blocking the volume passage ports. He decided to do a hardware mod, gathered the required tools and was able to unblock the ports. After doing this mod, he noticed significant difference in the loudness of the speaker volume of his Nexus 5. If you are facing with the low volume issues on your Nexus 5 too and are daring enough to fix it yourself, we have tried to describe how Adam did all the stuff.


The method mentioned below involves doing modification in your phone’s hardware and if not performed carefully might cause serious issues. Proceed with caution.

Required Tools:

  • A #0 screwdriver
  • An all pin, needle or any similar tool that is easy to hold.
  • A lighter
  • A guitar pick
  • A case opener tool or something similar to that

How to Do the Mod:

Having gathered together the necessary tools, it’s now time for some real action.

  1. Remove the back panel of your Nexus 5 using a case opener or any other thing that can do the job.
  2. Now heat up the needle with a lighter and when it is heated up enough to penetrate plastic, put the needle point to the spot shown in the picture below and press it lightly.
  3. Let the needle penetrate until you feel some resistance.nexus-5-single-port-hole
  4. Now move the needle slightly in a rounded way to widen the hole and smoothen it too.
  5. Then use the #0 (zero number) screwdriver and open the four screws.
  6. Then repeat the steps 2-4 on other locations of the assembly as shown in the picture below.Nexus-5-additional-ports
  7. When you are done with making holes at all pointed ports, reassemble things back.
  8. Done!

Now boot the device and play some audio file. You should feel that the volume is pretty louder than it was before doing the mod. For more info about this hardware volume mod for the Nexus 5, head over to the original thread at XDA and do not forget to hit the thanks button for Adam. Cheers!


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