Puzzle games are loved by everyone – be it kids, adults, or the oldies. It’s one of my favorite category. Some recent development in puzzle gaming trend has given rise to “relaxing puzzles”. These are such puzzle games that have a minimal and somewhat easy gameplay, smooth and relaxing animations, and soothing & calming zen-like soundtrack. The only purpose of such games is to make you feel relaxed after a busy day and help you kill some time. If you love the concept, I’ve got a game for you today that you’ll surely love. It’s called Hook and it’s every bit of relaxing and calming that you need to freshen up a bit after a hectic day. So without any further ado, let’s dig deeper.


First of all, let’s get one thing straight – Hook is easy. I mean way too simple for a puzzle game. But, as you proceed to further levels, things will start to get a bit difficult but not so difficult that you won’t be able to solve the puzzles without any guide or external help. Levels will get hard but using your brain a bit and analyzing the puzzle will surely help you clear all the levels.


That being said, let’s focus on the gameplay now – what you have to do in the game. In Hook, you get various hooks of different length and shapes on the screen. Your primary goal is to clear the screen and it’s done by removing all the hooks. To remove a hook, tap on the solid circle. Doing so will pull the hook at the end of the line it’s connected to back and make it disappear. Do this with all the hooks to clear the screen and advance to the next level.


Does that sounds way too simple? If yes, then it’s because it is simple, until you reach further levels, like 30-35. After a few levels, puzzles will begin to complicate a bit. Hooks will start to overlap and you’ll have to strategically decide which hook you will pull back first as one hook crashing with other will restart the level. Puzzles get more complicated as after some levels as these hooks or shapes begin to branch out and start to split.


The game is actually very minimal with a soothing soundtrack and 50 levels. It costs about a dollar in the Google play store, but, at the time of writing this article, it’s available for less than $0.50. For that price, you get a minimal, relaxing, and a little challenging experience without any ads and In-game purchases.


Although the game seems a bit simple than other puzzle games, it’s actually quite good. It can easily keep you engaged for around 3-4 hours. And paying $0.50 for 4 hours of enjoyment seems a legit deal to me.

Hook Price: $0.99

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