As time passes, more and more new themes for the MIUI V5 have been hitting the shelves. The default theme of the latest MIUI is beautiful in itself but if you are bored of the light-orange color combination and want a beautiful deviation, here is the HiUi theme that closely mimics not only the name of the ROM but also its spirit.

The major difference lies in its being dark and green. The theme is beautiful as you can see in the screenshots and can infatuate any person with aesthetic sense. The lockscreen is a simple one that also shows weather conditions if you have MIUI Weather app installed on your Android device with MIUI V5.

The theme has a customized boot animation from HTC Sensation. The icons used in the theme have a blend of the original MIUI V5 icons with the those from older MIUI but they look nice. The dialer is plain but elegant. The best part of the theme that I personally like is the notification toggles panel.

The theme has been designed by Aries from the Chinese forum. The theme-maker has tried to change all elements of the MIUI SystemUI and Framework with dark green hue and he appears to have successfully achieved the goal. If you like dark themes, you would certainly like it. Download the theme from below and copy to themes folder on your SD card.

Download: HiUi_MIUI_V5.mtz

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