And here comes another flashing news from Brazil, the latest Google and LG co-operated Nexus flagship; the amazing Nexus 4 Jelly Bean smartphone which showed up with a marvel; the Jelly Bean 4.2.1 has been claimed to be updated to a successor, the Jelly Bean 4.2.2. The news came up as a breeze spreading the word, according to, a famous Android blog from Brazil, the LG Brazil manufacturing unit has already begun to line up the Nexus 4 with 4.2.2 updates.We can’t claim it to be a true news, but we have a little proof in hands.

Here are the two images of Nexus 4 running 4.2.2 as posted on the source’s website, providing the proof for the same.

What is indulged in the 4.2.2 Jellybean update?

This is interesting, one really wants to know what are they being updated with. Unfortunately, the news in not in by Google or LG officially, so we are unaware of any specific upgraded features. But an update, so their must be bug fixes which may be even N4 subjective or may be universal. We can always expect some new features, as far as Android updates are concerned. All that’s on Google  and LG.

When can I expect this update to reach me?

Android updates are always a bump, even this news came as a flash. So, this is most prominent that the update for all the other versions is near cause LG has bigger conceptual plans with a broadened vision for their future smartphones as they showed up in CES 2013, which might also end up in a Nexus 5. The update is said to be introduced to get things moving at a much faster rate. Since the first manufactured unit was introduced in Brazil, so their are higher chances for the new updates in the same region followed by the rest of the world.

To end up, we would love to see the new updated Jellybean, I am sure you would too. As for any updates on the news will reach to you via DroidViews.

Stay Tuned!  Stay Updated!

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