In 1976, Atari released the brick breaking game, where players had to smash the bricks using just a paddle and a ball. Well, I wasn’t even born at that time but I think that game would have been an instant hit.

I love playing classic arcade game since I was a child. I used to play Tetris and Arkanoid ( a type of block breaking game) a lot when I was a kid. Heck, I still love to play such games.

Over the years, many developers have tried to create a better version of brick breaking game and I personally feel that not a single remake was as fun as the original one, except Jardinains. That game was awesome.

Developer BulkyPix has also shared his remake and has named it Grey Cubes. It’s quite different from the original as well as other remakes. Instead of usual 2D based view, Grey Cubes comes in 3D view. I guess it’s the first 3D brick-breaking game.


The gameplay is quite similar to the original game. You have a number of cubes (which are needed to be smashed in order to clear the level), a paddle (which can be moved by dragging it), and a ball (which is launched by swiping up or double tapping on the screen). In addition to that it also has power-ups like multiple balls, long paddle, a safety net at the bottom, etc. and power-downs like a small paddle, etc. These add-ons fall from the smashed blocks. See, everything is old school.

The game intelligently takes advantage of the surrounding. The walls are spring-like i.e. ball is reflected/bounces back once it hits the wall. Hitting the wall results in a change in direction and speed.


The 3D-ness can be seen from the very beginning. The way bricks are smashed looks good. Bricks that are hit don’t get smashed at once, multiple hits are required to smash a brick. Once the ball starts hitting the bricks, it looks similar to how it looks when stuff are scattered in a room. All these effects add another level of 3D-ness in the game.

That’s Grey Cubes. Although it’s not an original idea but the way everything is implemented is really nice. Those who have already played other version of such game might not find it innovative but those who haven’t played a brick breaker game earlier will find Grey Cubes really good.

So, do check out Grey Cubes. It’s awesome. And then share your views with us in the comments section below!

Update: The Grey Cubes game has been removed from the Play Store.

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