Settlement” – A term that has never existed in the Android book and never will. We see hundreds of new Android devices releasing every other year with a better hardware configuration and improved software. A majority of population does prefer and buy these better and new Android devices. Who doesn’t want a new device! And what happens when we buy the new one? There are a lot of Android enthusiasts out there, you have the money to buy the new Android, and still keep the old one. But, what will you do with it? Simply keeping it aside and watching it gaining the dust is pure waste. So, we try and make a better use of our old Android devices and keeping it efficient even when we have left it aside.

Today, we will discuss here some cool things to with your old Android device by using it in different way than a regular smartphone and pay it back its true value. Although there are tons of ways to use your old Android device, but we’re going to discuss a few that we have under our sleeve, further we would love to hear from you, on how you have used your old Android phone. Let the discussions begin!

Things to Do with Your Old Android Device

Use It To Fund The Next Phone

People like me, who have to watch their hand while spending money on a new device, instantly think of selling the old one, to get a decent sum in our hands. This sum then can be turned and used to support the purchase of the new one because we’re compelled to do so, not by will, but by luck. But then that is also an intelligent choice to make, this way you are not wasting your device. And so you never need to pay the full amount because a good percentage of your new Android is paid with that of the old one. Thoughtful selling should be done, if you want a good return price for your old smartphone, you should try and sell it before the year cycle comes to an end or just before an updated variant of the device is about to be announced.

Use It As A GPS In Automobiles

We travel almost every day of the week, to school, office, clubs, playground or even holiday destinations. At times we do make a visit to our friends or relatives who live on a distant land which is completely unknown to us. Getting around such new places was difficult earlier, you would have to stop at ever other turn and ask for the next direction. But now its easier, with the GPS (Global Positioning System) technology which can be accessed easily on your Android devices supporting the system. Just install Google Maps or relevant mapping apps, buy a dock, set it up and mount you old Android to your car, bike or may be even your peddling bike. Moreover, since your Android is not of that much use, you can just mount it permanently to the car.

Use It As Home Controller

This is the era of modern technology, not just your television or PC, but now your homes can also be controlled. Regular home control systems develops a mechanism that is dependent on a user interface to control the latter. Your Android phone can be used for the same purpose too, especially when your old Android is laying waste. Most of these systems provide a native app to control your everything including your sound systems, air conditioners, lightning systems, surveillance cameras and its related, from anywhere. One such brilliant app is available for free on the Play Store, namely InControl Home Automation.

For Media & Gaming Purposes

The most renowned and constant use of a smartphone, but we do not prefer it on our primary device, for the sake of battery life. But your old Android can be perfectly put to use for this situation and you wouldn’t mind the complete battery life being sacrificed to it, because you will be enjoying hours of Music and Games without having the concern to  feel helpless if someone had to call you and your phone ran out of juice. Try some media streaming like XBMC or Netflix or give it a pass to your music dock.

To Remotely Control Your PC

The time is gone when we had a single PC to operate, but now we carry a laptop for work, a desktop at home and may be another. But you can’t carry all of them with you, but you surely can control it using your spare Android. Some popular apps that could be used for this purpose are – TeamViewer, Google Remote Desktop, VNC Viewer etc.

Pass Them To The Young Ones Or Needful

Try and be generous, not everyone can afford a smartphone and not everyone has that kind of money. I always get a good feel when i donate something or pass it on to someone by heart, and maybe you can get the same feel too. You can give your old Android to your younger siblings and add a bit of surprise for them. Or, if you have plenty of money and do not care at all for your old one, you can donate it to someone that you find, has a need for it. Philosophical it is, but i do care for a blessing.

As Volunteer During Development

Learning is good, especially when you have spare time and especially a spare Android device. Many users can’t afford to flash their Android device everyday, they will lose data and its not in comfort to restore everything back easily. So, a left-over or abandoned device can always be put to use to test your work when you’re learning, since it is safe and will not disturb your communication at all, you can still use your prime device to have a connection. You may use it to test apps, ROMs, kernels, even boot scripts or recovery.

Use It To Test Custom Stuff

We always prefer to be steady on a specific custom ROM or kernel, since we don’t want to slip to a new one every other day. But we do get tilted towards a few, having a look at their features and performance, and the way they are different from the others. But your old Android devices could be used for this very purpose, to test new custom ROMs, kernels, tweaks etc. These smartphones also allow a user to take chances and provide a distinctive look to your device by trying out various launchers, themes, icon packs etc. And if you’re a rooted Android user, you could give a try to Xposed framework modules, which is a definite new way to explore your rooted and old Android device.

To Download Large Torrents

We all use it, to download movies, videos, music, games etc, but we wouldn’t like to keep our main Android to do the long job, since the process will keep it awake and consume the battery faster. Also, keeping a PC running to download a file, will also cost a bit more to your electricity bill. It is helpful even when you have a slow 2G or DSL connection, just recharge with your plan, install a torrent client like Bittorrent or aDownloader, start the download and leave your phone behind, you wouldn’t need to care anymore.

Or Use It Uniquely

These the most LOL uses from our side. If you have a real old and heavy one, use it as a paper weight. Have problems waking up early and your alarm clock is not capable of handling more than one alarms, use your old Android as a n alarm clock and set as many alarms you want. Buy a suitable dock, or build one and set a live photo frame.

So, we have discussed the possible ways to constructively use your old Android device. Tell us which device have you lift to the list and what uses you make of it. Discuss it below via comments and let us know, we would definitely add some of your suggestions to the list. Give us your valuable feedback, and help us build a better community.

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