You can count on Google to find a unique take on sharing basic information with developers. The annual I/O conference that Google hosts is something that has been on the minds of some ever since 2017 started and thus another edition was due. The Android developer found an interesting way of communicated the location and dates on which this event would take place.

Starting with a post that appeared on the G+ page for Google Developers, an intricate puzzle has led the devs through various locations online varying from GitHub to unlisted YouTube videos. The reward for completing the puzzle, as many developers would find out, was a series of locations, namely Warsaw, Poland, Thailand.

Developers had to solve yet another puzzle involving these locations, and by using chess positions and moving letters around, they came to the conclusion that the event will be held at Shoreline Amphitheater. This location is in California, US, and is part of the Google Mountain View campus. As far as the date is concerned, it would seem that I/O takes place between the 17th and 19th of May this year. That is just a guess based on the puzzle Google laid out for the developers, so you can’t really bet everything on its accuracy. When the time for the event draws nearer, Google will probably send out formal invitations to the event, meaning that you can probably attend even if you didn’t manage to crack the puzzle.

There is a lot of potential unveiling speculated for I/O 2017, such as upgraded devices for multiple Google lines like Google Daydream or Google Pixel even. Keeping in mind that it would follow perfectly in the footsteps of its predecessor, Android Nougat, a new Android version could also receive an unveiling.

There  are strong hints that the upcoming Android experience, whether or not it will make an appearance at I/O, will bear the abbreviation Google O. This will probably start a new “guess the desert” trend where people try to find the name of the next Android installment by looking at deserts that start with “O” in this case.

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