The last couple of months of 2016 have seen a significant increase in interest for artificial intelligence. With a rise in popularity for AI, the spectrum has extended from mobile devices to Home assistant devices which have been a new addition to the roster of gadgets one can buy.

Google has been looking to challenge Amazon’s newfound territory by introducing the world to Google Home, a n device to Amazon Echo. Sharing the same functionality as the aforementioned Echo, Google Home is powered by Google’s latest software efforts, Google Assistant. Google Assistant has been also made available for the company’s proprietary smartphones, Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

Now, the Android developer announced that it is looking to bring even more functionality and interconnectivity to its services, by having Android smartphones benefit from some of Google Home’s functions. With this in mind, users should be able to access some home device hub control capabilities from their smartphones once these new abilities go live.

The feature is called Home Control and it has started being rolled out for smartphones today. Unfortunately, Google was not very clear about what devices can use the new feature specifically. It is pertaining to Google Assistant which is only available on the Pixel line currently, so that makes things a tad confusing. Home Control has been confirmed to work on a Google Pixel device running Android 7.1.2.

Since it is a direct sample of what Google Home is capable of, this new smartphone feature comes with the same voice commands that you would be able to use on the original beneficiary. So if you have a Google Home device as well, you will be very familiar to the vocal commands. Google Home is available on the market for over $100 however so if you haven’t found the strength to make yourself familiar at the expense of your wallet, it’s understandable.

Speculations claim that one of the first devices we could see adopt this new feature outside the Pixel circle could be LG G6. According to rumors, the device would renounce Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant in favor of Google’s Google Assistant alternative. Smartphones aren’t the only type of “mobile” tech getting Google Assistant, as we have seen Hyundai cars receiving this type of functionality.

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