Precise Volume by Phascinate is a brand new volume stabilizer app for Android devices. It aims to adjust all volume levels in your phone to provide a smooth, consistent and comfortable experience, regardless of whether you are in a library or a crowded bus. The app is available for free in the Play Store, and a pro version can be purchased for around 3 US Dollars through the app itself.

App Design

The app looks relatively modern, although the designing is different. It need not be a good thing, as there is no hamburger menu or quick settings. The main app page shows the volume sliders and presets (more on that later). All options and tweaks are to be found under ‘more volume settings’ located at the bottom of the screen. At the top right you will find an extra button to purchase the full version and the overlay menu with a few options (also including another banner to purchase the full app).

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The main settings page is quite straightforward, with all options enlisted into three broad headings:

  • General Settings
  • PRO Settings
  • More Stuff


As a volume control app, Precise Volume contains most of the features that can be expected, and a few innovative ideas as well.

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The free version lets you use most of the features offered under General Settings. There are toggles to split Ringer, Notification and System volumes; activating or deactivating precise call volume- which adjusts the top speaker volumes to a comfortably audible level; and an option to lock volume buttons to Media.

Apart from these, you can also limit headphone volume levels, and create or manage presets. Presets are simply predetermined volume levels for your different headphones and Bluetooth speakers, that can be activated by a single tap. The free app also offers a few advanced settings to toggle popup notifications announcing preset activation, or warnings when volume levels change outside the app. The API settings may be of use if the app doesn’t work with your device, but are otherwise best left untouched.

Things get more interesting after purchasing the pro version. Needless to say, it will remove all advertisements. Some of the premium features are adjustable volume steps, volume precision levels, and also audio curve tweaking. It also grants you more control over volume presets, as well as the ability to automatically trigger them (making the feature actually useful). A few extras are thrown in, as well as a cool dark theme. Here is an exhaustive list of all the pro features included:

  • Removal of in-app advertisements
  • System-wide Headphone volume limits (beta)
  • Preset customization settings
  • Advanced PRO Settings: only combine Un-Muted Volumes; Hide ‘More Volume Settings’ Button
  • Volume control notification (along with themes)
  • Automatic Volume (activation of presets)
  • Screen-off override (keeps Precise Volume running even when screen is off)
  • Max volume precision adjustments
  • Volume button increments
  • Dark Theme
  • Audio Curve

Overall experience

Precise Volume certainly excels in its features, especially the volume presets and audio curve. However, the developer apparently expects every user to buy the somewhat overpriced pro version, as the free app hardly warrants its presence in your app drawer. Unfortunately, there is no limited period trial, neither does it explain clearly what to expect from the pro version. 

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Moreover, precise Volume cannot be controlled via the volume rocker keys when outside of the app itself. You will either have to switch to the app every time or use the notification bar controls (again a pro feature). The developer explains this as an android restriction, so don’t expect any updates in the future to fix the issue. Would you shell out 3 dollars to get more granular control over your device volume levels? Or are you satisfied with the stock experience- it’s your choice!

Precise Volume (+ EQ/Booster) Price: Free

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