Just a few hours back I got a request from one of our visitors to translate this intricate theme called Eva Neural Connections LS. The theme has been made by a Chinese modder. In fact, a complete English rendering of all Chinese texts on the lockscreen was not actually possible for me as most of them were in image form. So I chose another way and modified it to serve the end.

All credits to the original author, I am just sharing it with you all. The theme has a digital clock on the top of it in hh-mm-ss format. Just beside it you can see two images that show the USB charger connection. To go directly to the call log or MMS app, just press the calls or message icon at the left edge and swipe your finger to right.

The Eva Neural Connections LS theme has an intricate way to unlock, but once you get familiar with it, it will become easy. I had to spend a few minutes to discover the unlocking method. To unlock the device, put your finger on the number “00225” and then swipe upward to the number “00231” (See the 3rd image in the screenshot).



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