With the rise and growth of Chinese OEMs globally, other flagship smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple are having a tough time trying to get a profit out of their devices. The reason for the tremendous sale of the Chinese smartphones is nothing else than the ridiculously low price bracket.

We have seen a lot of Xiaomi phones in the past two years, and more and more from Oppo. Just when Carl Pei decided to launch a whole new Chinese smartphone manufacturing company, thousands and thousands of Android enthusiasts were keen to know what was actually happening.

Early in 2014, OnePlus announced its very own and very first smartphone – the One. This was titled as the ‘flagship killer’ due to the beastly specifications that it held. Moreover, the OnePlus One could compete against the much popular Galaxy S5, and the HTC M8, and still be really very affordable. The 64GB variant of the same is available only for half-the-price of the Galaxy S5, or any other flagship devices.

While Cyanogen did a really great job with CyanogenMod, Xiaomi wanted to build its own UI on top of Android. MIUI, as we all know now, is one of the best custom OSs available for Android. Not only will users be able to download thousands and thousands of themes, but the simplicity and responsive UI is what we addicts love.

So, a Chinese OS to a Chinese device which runs on CyanogenMod? No problem! With the vast number of developers working day and night porting ROMs together, it is now possible. You can now flash and enjoy the sweetness of the latest MIUI V6 on your OnePlus One!

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Unlock Bootloader, Root and Flash TWRP on OnePlus One


  • Ensure that you have a OnePlus One which is already rooted, and with a Custom Recovery installed. To do so, follow our guide for detailed steps on how to Unlock its bootloader, flash TWRP recovery and finally root it.
  • You need the ROM file in order to flash MIUI. Download MiUI 6 v5.5.20.ZIP. 
  • Make sure you’ve backed up everything that’s important to you. Flashing MiUI on your OnePlus One will require you to wipe off everything from your device.
  • Also make sure you have all the USB drivers you need to transfer the ZIP file to your OnePlus One.
  • You’ll also need to have USB Debugging enabled. To do so, hop into Settings > About Phone, and tap Build Number 7 times. Now, go back, and enable USB Debugging.
  • Also, since this MIUI ROM doesn’t come pre-loaded with any of the Google Apps, you’ll need to flash it manually: gapps-modular-full-4.4.4.ZIP

How To Flash MiUI 6 On The OnePlus One

  1. Download and transfer the MIUI ROM file with Zip extension that you downloaded earlier, to your OnePlus One.
  2. Now, switch off your OnePlus One. Reboot your OnePlus One into the recovery mode to enter the custom recovery (TWRP). To do this, you can directly use the fail-proof hardware button combo or use a third party app like Reboot manager to do the job.
  3. Once you boot into the TWRP recovery menu, tap on Wipe, and swipe to factory reset your OnePlus One. Note that this will wipe off everything that’s present on your OnePlus One, excluding the media like photos and videos.
  4. Now tap the Install, and find and locate the MIUI ROM file that you’ve downloaded and transferred earlier on your OnePlus One.
  5. Select it, and swipe to flash the ROM.
  6. Wait for a moment until the flashing process is done.
  7. Now’s the time to flash the Gapps ZIP file. To do so, tap on Install, and find and locate the Gapps file (pa_gapps-modular-full-4.4.4.ZIP).
  8. Now, select it, and swipe to confirm the flash. This might take a moment or two.
  9. Once done, reboot your freshly flashed OnePlus One. Note that the first boot might take up to 5 minutes, so don’t freak out.

Once rebooted, you can now enjoy the latest and sweetest MIUI V6 on your OnePlus One! Note that some of the applications like the theme store might still be in Chinese, so expect delays in the updates. We will keep you flashaholics updated with the latest builds. Till then, Happy flashing!


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