Many of the Android users might not have bumped into the CPU Thermal throttling term before as this is a little advanced than the rooting and installing recovery. Rooting and tweaking the system files doesn’t actually harm the device to any extent unless you dig far deeper, but tweaking CPU thermal throttling capabilities of the device can burn your device frying up your processor cores. But a controlled tweaking of the thermal throttling values of the device improves the device’s performance by forcing CPU to run at higher clock speeds for a long time.

A lot of users fear to use CPU throttling mods, but when you know the underlying concept you’ll know how safe they are. Normally CPU throttles down to lower clock speeds in an attempt to cool down the processor and avoiding overheating issues. As the smartphones becoming thinner, the throttling points kept coming down to compensate the overheating of the thinner device. However, your CPU remains same and can withstand higher temperatures than usually defined which brings the concept of throttling mods which will adjust the values accordingly.

Robshr of XDA decided to take a risk at making the LG G3 powerful and made the CPU thermal throttling mod which will push the stock throttling limit from  60° C to 70° C on one Zip and 75° C on another zip. Along with the first bump, he also raised the next two bumps to higher levels but left the next four bumps to the stock values to make sure your device doesn’t burn as the Antares rocket if something goes wrong. This mod helps for those who want to play graphics intensive games but observes frame drops as the CPU throttles frequently.

We don’t completely cover the risks involved with the CPU throttling, the method is a little orthodox and you will observe slight heat up issues on your LG G3 but many users in the XDA forum mentioned of increased performance and benchmark results. So if you’re convinced with the risks of this mod, you can download the mod zips from the links given below. However, if you feel like reverting back to stock, you can flash the stock zip similarly. It’s advisable to wipe cache and Dalvik cache after installing the mods.


CPU Thermal Throttling Mod (at 70° C) → Click Here

CPU Thermal Throttling Mod (at 75° C) → Click Here

Stock CPU Thermal Throttling (at 60° C) → Click Here

If you’re not sure on how to install a zip file on your LG G3, follow our zip flashing guide → Click Here For Guide

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