Let’s face it, it’s one of the first things you look into when deciding a phone. We go through tech specs on finding the battery capacity, do our own analysis comparing battery capacity with the screen size and processor. We also go online to read reviews of users to get a sneak peek as to what they think about battery life.

Moreover, there are apps, ROMs, kernels, and tweaks that claim to reach a sweet spot of the battery life on your phone. This post is one such attempt to guide you on what you should (or should not) do to reach a satisfactory battery output.

We won’t be getting into the techy part of things, will try to keep it simple.

  • It’s not common knowledge but temperatures are also known to affect battery consumption; this is particularly noticeable at 95 degrees and above. So you better keep the phone out of the heat.
  • Turn down screen brightness. This is obvious but worth mentioning. The display is still said to be the biggest drain of the battery. Also get rid of auto brightness because it’s way brighter than what you need.
  • Reduce screen timeout. It’s worth setting screen dimming & off interval as short as possible.
  • Most phones have a special mode toggle to optimize battery usage by tweaking different radios [WiFi, Bluetooth]
  • Turn off phone vibration. This one’s a no-brainer. It’s essentially a motor you’re using with your battery.
  • No haptic feedback. It’s like a miniature version of the vibration, disable it!!
  • Turn off unused radios. Disable the ones you are not using (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS)
  • Restart once in a while. A phone is essentially a computer. It has processes & apps running constantly which are using up battery. It helps you start with a clean slate.
  • Turn off unwanted app notifications. Let’s face it; not all notifications are important, disable the ones that you don’t need to see.
  • Use a dark-colored background. AMOLED screens only illuminate colored pixels. Also, make apps darker (if you can)
  • Avoid knockoffs or pirated chargers/batteries.
  • Blocking/Airplane modes: set your sleep times as blocked modes or airplane mode if you wouldn’t want to be disturbed and save battery simultaneously.
  • Your phone doesn’t have to be smart all the time [disable air gestures, smart scrolling]
  • Don’t get bogged down by excessive widgets
  • Have onscreen notifications/dynamic notifications to quickly strike off.
  • Don’t let your apps get outdated. Updates do include better battery optimizations
  • Be the master of when to sync or update your phone & apps.

That’s all we have for now, but these should be enough to give you a head start. Get back to us if you have more ideas. Contribute & help others get the most of their phones.



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