If you throw a glance over the current statistics of the distribution of the various versions of the Android OS for mobile devices, it becomes evident that only the 16.4% of all Android users are privileged to use the latest version of the operating system, that is Jelly Bean. And, even within this nominal fraction that uses Jelly Bean, there are only 1.6% people who have Android 4.2 on their devices. It’s really a very  pitiable situation. One of the biggest reasons behind this strikingly uneven distribution is our OEM’s unwillingness to push new software updates to rather older devices.


The general perceptible rule for device software update in the world of Android is this- if you buy an Android device with a particular version of Android, it will be considered worthy of OS update to just one level, GB to ICS or ICS to JB, for instance. When it comes to OS upgrade, Google is  most consistent in ensuring the latest updates for all its devices, followed up by Samsung. This scenario cannot be considered pleasant at all.


Thanks to our hard working developers who supply ample doses of the latest versions of Android to even the oldest phones that else would have been starved of the sandwiches and jelly beans. AnTek Quick Settings app is a happy treat for those who own an Android device with ICS, Gingerbread or even lower versions of the OS. Now you can enjoy those sweet looking Quick Settings toggles on your phone. And yes, to have this thing, your need not root your phone.


Just install the AnTek Quick Settings app on your phone, open it and you are good to go! The app has pretty nice options for customizing the toggle tiles, their size, color, backgrounds and lots more. What is more, you can also decide the Quick Settings launch spot/point and its extent (see the red highlighted area in the post image).

If you have already begun loving it, do not wait and just grab the app. Use it and let us know how it works for you! Cheers!

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