All Samsung devices come with the FlipFont app inbuilt. The app is inbuilt into the TouchWiz UX and can be accessed from Settings> Display> Fonts. Today, we have come up with a simple APK that can let you enjoy more than 300 fonts on Samsung Galaxy devices without root privilege.

Most Android users love OS because it allows extensive customization. That’s why, at DroidViews, we never miss featuring any app or mod that lets you revamp your phone’s UI and give it a personal touch. If you have root access on your phone, there are a plethora of stuff like custom ROMs, app and ROM ports, and mods at your disposal.

However, if you have not rooted your Samsung device and still want to customize it, you got limited but many ways to do that. Besides, 3rd-party home launchers, lock screen apps, wallpapers, icon packs and Samsung’s own theme engine, you can also enjoy custom fonts. Our today’s tip about installing hundreds of custom fonts is one of easiest thing you can do on your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet.

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In the past, we shared several such tutorials on flashing custom font packages on Android devices with via custom recovery. But if you got a Samsung device running Android JellyBean, KitKat or Lollipop-based TouchWiz firmware on it, you can download the APK file linked below and sideload it like a normal app to enjoy 300+ fonts right away. Below, you can see the preview of the fonts on Galaxy S5 with Lollipop.

Flipfonts preview Galaxy s5

Flipfonts preview Note 5

Download: SamsungSans.apk | Mirror link

UPDATE: Try the Latest Font Package

Install 1060 Fonts on Samsung Galaxy Devices (Lollipop/ MM/ Nougat/Oreo)

Install 300 Fonts on Samsung Galaxy Devices

As we already mentioned, the provided APK is not meant to be pushed into your device using a root file explorer. You just have to install it as a normal APK. Do you still need instructions? Okay!

  1. Download and copy the SamsungSans.apk file to your device.
  2. Go to Settings> Lock screen and security and enable Unknown Sources option.
  3. Now open My Files app and tap the APK file and install it.
  4. Having installed the app, open Settings> Display> Fonts.
  5. You’ll see hundreds of new fonts listed there.
  6. Just tap the font you want to use on your phone.

Done! Wasn’t it very simple? Should you still have any question or doubt, just leave a comment below. Enjoy!


  1. Got a Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro and no way in hell to even root the phone. So do not even say to root it to get rid of the error that the font is not supported. That is BS.

  2. Yeah, that really helps when the phone is not even rooted and not a way to root it either. Jeez, give us something useful to do to get fonts on phone. Why even say without root?

  3. I got the file to install on my non-rooted SG Note 5 Nougat (7.0), could see the fonts, but when I click one to install (apply) , get message “This font is not supported. Contact the font provider. Uninstall this font?”
    If I choose no, it does nothing. If I choose yes, it wants to uninstall the apk file.

  4. Hi Rakesh
    Thanks for trying to help…
    Unfortunately I tried the method from here: http://www but all gone wrong!…
    First the TWRP for the 8+ didn’t work as going to recovery the screen is dead (no touch…)
    As I couldn’t restart the phone I tried the S8 link and this time the phone responded to touch in the TWRP…
    Happy that I just had a wrong link I tried the rest of the instructions flashing the Magisx (in my excitement, without making a Backup…), couple of “red” messages during the root flashing fast enough to make it difficult to read and then automatically reboot to a Samsung message Saying that it need to reset the device as the security check failed and only choice the reset… Unfortunately after click in “Reset” button it din’t succeeded as had many “red” massages when it tied to reset…
    Then I tried to flash the “” hoping that it will allow at least the Samsung to reset the phone…
    Wishful thinking…
    After more “red” messages during the flashing back yo the same Samsung message…
    Despaired then I tried to flash again the TWRP and during one of the many tried we had a electricity “spike” in the middle of flashing it and after that I have a phone which I can only go to “download” or the dead/no touch “recovery” and the Odin can’t “see” the device even after I installed “new” windows drivers even the KIES/SMART SWITCH from Samsung…
    Do you know any way to make the phone readable by the PC again? I may find a Samsung ROM to flash it then…

  5. The fonts were working fine in my S7 Edge and I was hoping they will go fine with the S8+ too….
    Oh well, we can only wait till the MASTERS use their Magic TOUCH!!! :-))

  6. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with S8+… Incompatible fonts it said…
    I will appreciate a trick if it’s possible… 🙂

  7. I think if I will use TWRP then my phone needs to be rooted ???
    Please tell me the total procedure of flashing custom fonts and the font file also…

  8. Bro I need Fonts for my Galaxy A800I I was unable to get Fonts from any where on internet I think there is no Fonts available for marshmallow firmware……

  9. Does not work on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. You can install the app, choose a font but no matter which font you choose, you always get “this font is not supported”.

  10. ah sorry I missed that in your entry. So there’s no solution for Android M users without root?

  11. Hi,

    It does not slow down the phone. You are getting that error because the app is not compatible with Marshmallow firmwares. Try it on Lollipop or Kitkat and it will work like a charm.

  12. Thanks for the article. Does this work for anyone? Downloaded the file, clicked on “Install”, but it doesn’t install. I get an error message saying “App not intalled” and that’s it.

  13. Hi. Thanks for this, really good article. Does it slow down the phone to have that many fonts installed? thnx

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