We are all human beings yet we differ from one another our physical appearance, creeds, habits, way of thinking, apparels and so on. Even within the people belonging to the same group and ven family, no two persons are same in all respects. We are born to be different despite of all apparent  unity. We might buy a smartphone or a tablet device owned by millions of people worldwide, but we keep seeking new ways to customize our device with different kind of wallpapers, launchers, widgets, themes, ROMs, apps, and fonts. By trying different types of variations on the same phone, we keep adding freshness to our everyday experience. Without change and novelty our smartphones and even the world itself would be so boring! Isn’t it?

If you love your phone, you be one who loves customization. You won’t disagree that changing the system font on a device is probably the most effective way to change its overall look. As things go in Android  you need to have root privilege on your device to replace system fonts with custom one by pushing the fonts manually or flashing a flashable zip in custom recovery. There are some OEMs, like Samsung and HTC, who bundle their stock ROMs with FlipFont that lets you purchase custom fonts and apply them without root access. Besides, you can find a number of 3rd party apps at the Google Play to enjoy new fonts.

Thus, changing system fonts on Android is not a really a big deal. But how would you feel if there is an app that lets you enjoy different fonts systemwide and in individual apps? Now that’s is something wonderful! Thanks to rovo89 for giving us the awesome XposedFramework and to goodevh from XDA for developing Fonter.

Fonter is a font manager that is available both as an independent app and an Xposed module. The applets you change not only the default system fonts but also the one found in different apps. This powerful font-changing tool allows to enjoy the luxury of custom fonts without root, especially on Samsung Galaxy devices, OnePlus One and some others. However, if if got a device from OEMs like HTC or Motorola, you’ll have to use the Xposed module to change fonts.

Download Fonter

To be able to use the Xposed module, you must have root access and Xposed Framework installed on your device. If you are new to Xposed and do not know how to install and configure it, read our detailed tutorial on Xposed.


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