root at&t galaxy s5

Samsung is a key player in the Android market and the Galaxy smartphones get the best developer support in the community. However, some devices like AT&T Galaxy S5 still struggle to get a proper root mechanism. The carrier locked devices usually are hard to crack and the development process is usually slow. Now, you can easily root AT&T Galaxy S5 with Kingroot v5 but it’s not straight-forward. The root works on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop firmware G900AUCU4CPA2.

XDA member AptLogic has shared a simple process to root AT&T Galaxy S5 with Kingroot v5. You can also install the most popular SuperSU app on your device after rooting. Kingroot has blocked the installation on SuperSU in their recent builds. So, you need to install v4.81 again to be able to install SuperSU on your device. The root process works on OI5, CPA2, OF3 or even older firmware builds. So, download the required files and start with the tutorial below to root AT&T Galaxy S5.


How to Root AT&T Galaxy S5 with Kingroot

  1. Download and install the Kingroot v5 app on your AT&T Galaxy S5.
  2. Kingroot is a single-click root app, so all you need to do is to click the “Try to Root” button to root your device.
  3. The root might fail a couple of times but keep retrying until it roots your device.
  4. After the device is rooted, remove Kingroot v5 using the uninstaller in the KingRoot General Settings.
  5. Download and install Kingroot v4.81 and try to root your device again. Your device will reboot and you’ll have root again.
  6. To get SuperSU on your device, download the Super-SUme app from Google Play Store link below. It’s a paid app but it’s worth it.
    Super-Sume Pro Price: $1.99
  7. Open Super-SUme app and click on the start button to begin. This will install SuperSU app on your device.

So, finally, you have rooted your AT&T Galaxy S5 with SuperSU installed.

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