ZTE MiFavor UI 5.0 Stock Wallpapers
ZTE MiFavor UI 5.0 Stock Wallpapers

ZTE has been releasing all of their latest smartphones with a custom skin on top of Android which has been named as the ZTE MiFavor UI by the company. The custom skin of Android from ZTE, MiFavor has now been getting the latest update which will be versioned as the ZTE MiFavor UI 5.0. This version update will bring along several new features along with several feature improvements also. This means that there will be various new features along with this update.

One thing to note, however, is that the latest MiFavor UI 5.0 update from ZTE is not expected to be based upon the latest version of Android which is Android 7.1 Nougat and even the Android 8.0 Oreo update is not looking pretty near from ZTE. The latest update in ZTE skin will have some cosmetic changes other than Android features.

Now, we would also like to mention that there are various notification toggle changes and a custom navigation bar which turns along with the background which means that you can have a white on black navbar whereas a black on white background. This update will have various new wallpapers also which have been linked down below.

Download ZTE MiFavor UI 5.0 Stock Wallpapers

ZTE has been preparing to roll out the latest update to its custom skin on top of Android which has been named by the company as MiFavor. The latest update to MiFavor is MiFavor UI 5.0 which is rolling out to all the latest ZTE smartphones and tablets. This update brings along several changes to the UI which also includes new wallpapers and we have attached all the latest wallpapers from MiFavor UI 5.0 down below.

Talking about the wallpapers included in the latest update by ZTE, the update will bring 21 new wallpapers. All of the wallpapers have been included in Full HD resolution and come with a standard 16:9 ratio. These wallpapers have been included down below so that you can have a look at each one of them and download the ones you like to your device.

These wallpapers have also been bundled into a zip file, the links to which have been mentioned in the Download Links section below. You will have to download this zip file so that you can have all the wallpapers at one place.

Download Links

ZTE-MiFavor-5.0-UI-Stock-Wallpapers.zip | Mirror

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