Google has made the Official announcement of the upcoming smartphone launch on October 5 in India. A series of videos along with a special website from Google confirms the device launch. The website is set up to tease some wallpapers along with some cool UI. We believe it’s the Google Pixel website and Google is teasing us with the photos taken from upcoming Pixel devices. So, it looks like Google is officially ditching the Nexus devices in favor of the Pixel devices. We have to wait till October 5 for an official unveiling of the devices.

Meanwhile, we have dug into the source code of the website to get the links to the awesome wallpapers showcased on the website. There is a total of 43 wallpapers (41 + 2 extra??) embedded in the source code. Few of the wallpapers are of high-resolution while the other are of medium square size. All are random pictures which include people, nature, buildings, roads, sign-boards, boats, flowers and what not. One of the wallpapers even has a smartphone placed between two lighting ropes but the image is not good enough to zoom in.

The images are quite crisp and of high definition, so we believe they’re taken from the upcoming pixel phones. We have downloaded all of them and packed them in a zip file for you to download. If you want to have a quick peak of the wallpapers before downloading, take a look at the below wallpapers.

Google Pixel Wallpapers

Cool wallpaper, right? If you liked the wallpapers, download them the below link. All the 43 wallpapers are compressed into a zip file, you can download it below.

Share the wallpapers with your buddies if you like them and stay tuned for the new Google device launch on October 5. Let us know which of the Google Pixel wallpapers you liked the most in the comments section below.

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