Paranoid Android 2017 Stock Wallpapers

You have been using Android devices for a while and love flashing ROMs, you must have flashed and enjoyed the Paranoid Android ROM at some or other point of time. It used to my favorite custom ROM for years but then it was unfortunately discontinued abruptly to the dismay of its hardcore fans. Time passed and we moved on trying other ROMs and mods but in some corner of our hearts, we always kept missing this feature-packed amazing ROM. Just at a time, when most of us have still been lamenting the discontinuation of the official CynogenMod, Paranoid Android has made a heroic entry to give us a sense of relief.

Paranoid Android 2017 is the avatar of the glorious old ROM with Android 7.1.2 Nougat builds and now its developers have teased a bunch of awesome new features the most awaited of which is the fully revamped Pie Control feature that we used to enjoy long back. The ROM is currently available just for select few developer-friendly phones like the Google Pixel/ XL, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and the OnePlus 3/3T.

Among the major features, the all new Paranoid Android 2017 ROM has to offer include:

  • Pie Controls
  • Color Engine
  • Immersive Mode
  • Battery Styles
  • Status bar customizer
  • Quick Pull-down
  • Substratum Theme Support
  • Recent App Locking
  • On-the-spot controls
  • Fingerprint Enhancements
  • Kernel Tweaks
  • Native OTA Updater
  • Many others

Download Paranoid Android 2017 Stock Wallpapers

After a short introduction to the ROM’s new features, let’s come to our main topic. Today, we have the all new stock wallpapers introduced in the Paranoid Android 2017. As you

As you see below, there are 6 beautiful and fresh-looking wallpapers that might remind you of the OnePlus 3/3T inbuilt wallpapers. All wallpapers are in full HD quality with 1080 x 1920 px resolution and you can download them directly by clicking the ones you want to enjoy on your phone.

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