As promised on the previous post where we shared with the complete set of official wallpapers from iPhone 5 (iOS6), we are here again with another great share that consists a bunch of all new wallpapers from Apple’s recently debuted iOS7. The latest version of the OS from Apple features a complete overhaul and redesign and aims at looking simpler with flat design at the user interface.

The look of new iOS is better than its predecessors or not is not our topic here but you must admit that the new wallpapers introduced with the iOS7 are surely an eye treat. Actually, the number of new backgrounds are just 2 and the rest of them are same as our previous share which you can download here.

The first two wallpapers from the left (in the post image), respectively known as Nebula and Dots wallpaper are static ones while the blue bokeh wallpaper is one of the frames from the official dynamic wallpaper. I have also included some lighter and darker shades of the bokeh background and thus their total number has reached to 8. The resolution of these wallpapers is 640 x 1136 px


Mirror Link

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