All of us buy the best smartphone that we can afford. We then start exploring it and when we get familiar with all of its settings and features, we start feeling bored of it. While it is not possible for all to keep changing his/her smartphone frequently for the sake of novelty, customization naturally appears to the best and easiest way to get something new out of it. It is just for this reason that we turn to third party launchers, icon sets, widgets and wallpapers. Many users even root their device and install custom ROMs and mods.

At DroidViews, we always keep looking for all such goodies for customization of your Android device and share them whenever we get something worthwhile. Today, we have come with an all-new set of the redesigned version of the well-known triangle wallpaper shown first on the Nexus 4. Yes, I am talking about the Yellow triangle wallpaper that you must have seen in Nexus 4 previews.

Deviant artist Martz90, has taken some time and rendered his own version of the triangle wallpaper from Nexus 4 that looks even more beautiful than the original version and has a 3D effect. As you can see in the preview, he has released the background for Android devices in 8 colors. Besides the triangle wallpapers, we have also included a revisited version of the color lines wallpaper from the HTC One.

While I was making the post image in Photoshop, I made a mashed up version of all 9 wallpapers included in the pack. The wallpapers are available for download in HD (1440 x 1280 px) and Full HD quality (2160 x 1920 px).

 Downloads:  |  Mirror link

Download More Wallpapers Here

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