Android is really the most versatile operating system for mobile device. No wonder, it’s also the most popular platform. Android has seen tremendous developments and improvements through years. However, there are a few departments where the OS looks like lacking some things or falls short to expectations. If you have been using Android devices from quite some time, you must have experienced some lag in the performance. Battery backup is another area where we find smartphones not doing very good.

Another feature that we often see many Android users complaining about is the lack of a theme engine that supports custom themes and icon packs. If you got a rooted Android device and have a custom recovery installed on it, you can use 3rd party icons and themes without problem. Most people prefer CyanogenMod to others because of its Theme Engine and performance. There are some OEMs that allow custom theming on their devices and LG is one them. To be more precise, LG devices cannot be themed extensively as the themes only change the stock weather widgets, backgrounds and icons.

We all love customizing our devices for the sake of experiencing novelty, variation and satisfying our appetite of beauty. Experimenting with stunning wallpapers, beautiful icon packs and widgets. Just about an year ago, I did a post on some really good themes for the LG G2 and if you own the LG G3, the present post is just for you.

Since the LG G3 supports theme officially, you can get free and premium themes from the LG World app provided with the device. Besides, you can download the custom-made themes as Apk files and install them manually. XDA member CrOaTaN01 has shared some beautiful themes which have been listed below.

LG G3 Home Launcher Themes


Perfect Blue LG Home Theme Price: Free



Flat Theme: Download


Sense Theme: Download


Ligna Theme: Download

To download lots of LG G2 themes that work nicely on the LG G3 too, please click here.

How to Install

All themes are in the form of Apk files and therefore they require to be installed manually as you install any Android app. Just copy the files to your device, enable Unknown sources option under Security settings on your device, the open File manager and install the Apk files one by one. You’ll then be able to apply themes by going to Themes option on your LG G3.

More Themes


LG G4 Theme for G3: Download

How to Install

  1. Download the APK file.
  2. Make sure your G3 is rooted.
  3. Copy the theme file to the system/app directory with a root file explorer app.
  4. Set file permissions to rw-r–r– (0644)
  5. Reboot phone.
  6. Apply the theme from theme manager.

We’ll keep updating the post as we come to know of new themes. If you have a theme and want to share it, please give us a link via comments. Cheers!


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