Wiped your Galaxy S7 and forgot the password to your Google account? Or bought a used Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and you had to wipe/ factory reset to Sign In using your Google account but unfortunately, you probably are seeing the message:

This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device.

This is due to the inclusion of Factory Reset Protection, a feature included by Samsung in order to improve security on its Android devices. Due to Factory Reset Protection (FRP), a thief or a person who gets hold off your device will not be able to use your device after performing a Factory Reset until he/she Signs In using previously synced Android/Google account. Well, this is a good security measure implemented by Samsung but it may become a nightmare for a user who simply forgets his password or is using a second-hand device and does not know credentials of the previous owner.

To help such users given below is the step by step guide to bypass FRP on your Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge. It should also work on other Samsung flagship devices.

Disclaimer: Guide given below is for helping users who desperately need to bypass FRP owing to unfortunate circumstances. We strongly oppose device theft and such malicious activities.

Before proceeding make sure your SIM card is not inserted in the phone. Also, make sure you have enough battery life on your device.

Steps to Bypass Factory Reset Protection on Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Step 1. After factory resetting your device when you Reboot your device, you would see the Setup Wizard to login into the previously synced Google account.

Step 2. Select your Language and the press on Next. This will bring the screen for WIFI connection. Connect to a portable hotspot that can be quickly turned off. You may connect to your WIFI router but keep in mind you should have easy and quick access to turn it off as we will be required to turn off the WIFI/Internet access to the device.

Step 3. After connecting it to a WIFI router/hotspot, click Next. Now you will have to close/turn off the WIFI router/ hotspot connection as soon as you see the Software Update screen saying Checking for Updates.

Step 4. As you turn off the hotspot you will see couldn’t Sign In message. Now click Next, you will see the options for setting Date and Time. At this point turn back On the WIFI router or the hotspot connection.

Step 5. Now skip through all the screens until you reach the screen saying Google Services. Scroll down, and tap on the blue text saying Google Terms of Services. This will open a popup with the Terms and Conditions.

Step 6. Select some text in the popup by holding on the screen. After selecting the text, you should see some options like Copy , Share etc. Click on the Share button. This will open a menu which says Setup Wizard.

Step 7. Now hold on to the icon of Samsung Setup Wizard. This will open the Application info for the Samsung Setup Wizard. Tap on Data Usage > UPGRADE DATA SERVICE.

Step 8. This will open a menu asking you to chose the application to Open With. Select Chrome browser. Once Chrome browser opens skip through the process and then open Rootjunkysdl.com using the address bar.

Step 9.  Once this website opens, tap on Apps and look for  ‘com.sika524.android.quickshortcut.apk’. Download this application to your device .

Step 10. Now open Google.com on Chrome and search for Samsung App Store. Tap on the first link that appears in the search results, this should open the Samsung app store. Scroll down a little and tap on the icon saying Samsung Galaxy Apps. This should open the Galaxy apps application on your phone.

Step 11. Once you have Galaxy Apps application running tap on the More option at the top right corner of the screen and then tap on Sign In. Then Sign In using your Samsung account or create a new one if you don’t have one.  

Step 12. Now search for the ‘file explorer” using the search bar and  install any one of them. Once installed open the file explorer application.

Step 13. In the File explorer, open the Downloads folder and install the Quick Shortcut Maker application that you downloaded earlier. You may have to allow installation of applications from Unknown sources.

Step 14. Once the application is installed tap the Open button. In the application perform a search for Google Account Manager, you will see various result tap the one that says Type Email and Password and then hit the Try button.

Step 15. This would open the activity for typing the Password. Tap on the three dotted menu button at the top right corner of the screen and select Browser Sign-In.

Step 16. Sign In using any Google account you want to use and wait a few seconds. After you are Signed in Quick shortcut maker application will reappear. Now just keep tapping the back key until you reach the Google Services screen once again.

Step 17. Now press Next on the Google Services screen. Keep tapping Next until you see the screen saying Account added.

Step 18. Skip through all other screens and tap the Home button. If the home screen doesn’t appear for you then perform a Reboot.

Congrats! that’s all you have successfully bypassed the Factory Reset Protection on your Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge. You should be able to use your device normally after rebooting your device.

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