Android is by far, the most used Mobile Operating System in the world for mobiles. India, having the world’s second largest population  is also a huge market for android, especially with its bright developers and tech enthusiasts.  As such, android users have always been largely depended on the Google Play store for necessarily all their Games, Apps, and android needs. However, we always felt a discrimination on Google’s part, as we were deprived of the full Google Play functionally enjoyed by countries like US and UK, That is the ‘Play Books‘, ‘Play Music‘, ‘Play Movies‘, and last but the most crucial ‘Play Devices‘, The absence of which has made buying Nexus devices and other Google devices impossible.

And After a long waiting period by the country with 1.5 Billion prospective customers, India finally has a Proud addition to its play store, Google Play Books is here! Even though the full fledged play store isn’t available yet with all it’s glory of movies, music and Google device store, the release of Play Books is reason enough to believe that the full fledged version isn’t far off ! We could sure hope so, and wait for the Play Devices store to come to India, so that we can finally get our hands on the dirty Nexus at its supposed price. ( Not the hyped up one.)

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