Friday is a special day for all MIUI fans as at this day of the week we get the latest version of the MIUI ROM for our respective devices. We download/update and install the ROM and start waiting for the next Friday with curiosity of what MIUI has to offer in the next version. Same was the case with the last “Auspicious MIUI Release Day” which turned out to be a black Friday.

The wretched MIUI fans were happy to get the version 2.11.2 of the ROM. But just as they flashed it the Big MIUI Slap hit their faces. All were, and are still, shocked to find out that the hundred of themes they enjoyed with the previous versions have been broken. How many people are out there who would like to stay with MIUI if they are not able to use the themes? Probably one in a million!

I am too just one of those who fell victim to Xiaomi’s newest mouse-trap. Installed the ROM, and opened the themes app  to get a sad notice from MIUI that I will have to upgrade the themes format to see my themes. I obeyed the commandment and somehow was able to see the previews of the themes. But when I tried to apply one of them another notification slapped my face saying that I have no “authentication” to use the themes. What the hell this is! Finally I decided to flash back to the older MIUI version 2.10.26 but then I realized that I had already deleted the file from my PC. So downloaded the version 2.10.26 from here, and only after flashing it got the salvation!

If you have not yet flashed MIUI 2.11.2 yet, feel lucky and be proud of your wisdom. But if you have done that, please go back to the previous version.


  1. I installed 2.11.23 version of miui…and the above scenario happened to me too :(…. so is there any other way I can use the themes from your site on current version of miui ? 🙁 …. or I have to stick to old version of miui for that ?

    • Try to replace the ThemeManager.apk of the latest MIUI with that of from MIUI 2.10.26. Use RootExplorer for the purpose. Copy the apk to sd card, open System/apps/ cipy/replace the ThemeManager.apk. Reboot and then try. The method seems to be working but not sure.

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