BlackBerry has been one of the most prominent smartphone brands. It made phones for business class people with enterprise-level security and utility. Blackberry phones were known for their exclusive features. However, it did not take much time before some newer OSs began to give the same features with the better form factor, better specs and a plethora of other enhancement. With the course of time, BlackBerry devices were put aside by users and the Canadian OEM reached to a point where it began looking for a buyer.

Anyway, BlackBerry is still here and releasing new devices and still struggling to regain its old glory. Say it an act of boldness or desperation, BB has just launched a new smartphone which is one of its kind. Yes, we are talking about the BlackBerry Passport with a square display with a hard key panel below it. BlackBerry Passport is the latest flagship phone from RIM with 4.5-inch (1440×1440) display, 2.2GHz processor, 3GB RAM, 32 GB storage capacity, external microSD slot, 13-megapixel rear camera, and a whopping 3450 mAh battery.

Like all new flagships, the BlackBerry Passport comes with the latest version of BB OS 10.3 and also a lot of new wallpapers. As Android users, we might not be interested in a BlackBerry device but the stock wallpapers from the new phone are something you might not want to miss! Today, we have the complete set of BlackBerry Passport stock wallpapers for you. The phone packs 20 new wallpapers that look pretty good. Besides, we have also included some older wallpapers from BlackBerry OS 10.0. The resolution of the BlackBerry Passport stock wallpapers are different ranging from 1440px to 1980 px.

Download BB OS 10/10.3 and BlackBerry Passport Stock Wallpapers

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Mirror Link

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