Most of the time, users ask question in ROM thread is ” How is battery life with this ROM? “. Every ROM developer adds few battery saving tweaks to their ROM. But truth is 70% battery life is depends upon your usage,apps installed and many other things and 30% on battery tweaks added by ROM developer.

Many times one user comes with great battery life result and other user complaints that the battery drain is Fast. Reasons could be many like many apps drains battery(for eg, Facebook apps is most commonly used app which drains battery), 3G (3G consumes approx. 30% more battery than 2g/wi-fi).

Many users judge battery life by total hours and others users judge by total screen time. the one who judge battery life by total hours thinks, he got poor battery life because total hours are only 15hr or less, but he didnt notice screen on time( mostly it should be 5hr+ ). On the other hand the user who check screen on time thinks about user who got 2days battery life is because of he dont used mobile, just stand by time is more. So which is the correct way to judge battery life??? Actually both are right way. But user should consider both these cases, not just one. So if you get 5hr+ screen on time with total 15hr or something,then this is also good battery life and if you get 2 days battery life with 4hr+ screen on time, then this is also good battery life. So it depends how you use your phone.

Always let battery drain below 5% then charge it to 100%, as soon as battery level reach to 100% then boot into recovery and clear battery stats.

Some Basic Battery Saving Tips:

  1. Turn off GPS/Bluetooth when its not necessary.
  2. Avoid use of 3G, use 2g/wifi.
  3. Remove Bloatware apps. How to check?? install better battery stat or any other app from market and check.
  4. Settings > Wireless and network > Wi-Fi settings > (press Menu button) > Advanced > Wi-Fi sleep policy > “Never” or “When screen turns off
  5. Always use auto brightness
  6. Dont use task killer apps, Because when you kills app, it takes more battery to start service again. Let Android system manage them by itself
  7. Use the kernel which supports Under Volt (UV) . First UV by -25mV on each step, if the values are stable then UV it by -50mV. Find correct UV values by this way. I am not posting UV values because every device can have different values, and can be leads to unstable device.
  8. You can also Under Clock processor(UC), Set minimum to 100(only if you custom kernel) or 200 and max to (decrease by 200, for example if its 1.2 Ghz, make it 1000Ghz).

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