Nexus 6 Black Screen Issue

If you are a Nexus user with a custom ROM, then by now you must have encountered this issue at least once.

I have encountered this issue on 2 ROMs in my experience: CM 12.1 and Euphoria OS, both on the Nexus 6.
The issue I first noticed with my device was that on calls:

  • My Nexus screen would go black while I could hire ringtone. No matter what I did, I could not answer the phone and after about 3 rings the phone would restart.

I changed the screen timeout from 15 to 30 seconds, that resulted in:

  • I could see the incoming call but there was no ringtone at all, if I changed the profile from general to silent, there was vibration but there was no ringtone in any case.

Then I disabled the Link Ringtone and Notification volumes under Sounds. That solved the problem for me, find what could cure this for you.
Thankfully with a lot of help from the xda threads and the Google + community I have been able to find the solution to mine. Kindly note the cause of this issue may differ depending on your build or ROM and hence it’s best to try out the following solutions in order of increasing complexity. In other words, I have arranged them- simplest first.

  • Under Display and Lights: change the Sleep timeout to 30 seconds
  • Under Sounds: disable Link Ringtone and Notification volumes under Sounds
  • Most forums also say this issue could be linked to a defect in the algorithm of the proximity sensor, hence either change the values of a proximity sensor if you have an app for that or alternatively remove the screen guard from your device.
  • Most of the time bugs can arise in your ROM if it is not flashed properly, hence try to do a clean flash again.

If you are still not able to correct this then perhaps the ROM is flawed and the best advice I can give you is switch to something more stable, rather than playing around further.

Here’s a screenshot that shows the extent of damage caused to Nexus user sentiments 🙁


Technical information:

Tested on: cm-12.1-20150625-Nightly-shamu
Also on: Euphoria-OS-1.1-shamu-Official-20150624
Device: Nexus 6 (Shamu)
Resolved by: Change in the display and lights; and the sounds step


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