Apple. This is a term that is generally not seen on an Android website. However, this time Apple created something really worth sharing and that too for Android. Well, not exclusive to Android but you know what I mean. Music had been listened to from various sources. From the phonograph, we have come a long way ahead.

Not so ago, in order to listen to music one had to purchase a copy of the music either physical or digital. However, all this changed when Spotify took over the world. Sure, services like and Pandora had a huge role to play but none which had an impact on a massive scale.

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None of this matters because Apple Music has taken the lead as the most popular music streaming app with 49.5 million unique users per month in the US. The above is a statement from the survey that the Wall Street Journal published in February of 2018.


The one part where Apple’s products shine the brightest is their design spectrum. They not only sell their products and services to their users but also the premium look and feel of it.

The Apple Music app features a clean and minimalistic UI which is easy to use. The fluid mechanics are a breeze to look at. All the buttons are well positioned and match the current theme of the app. The Now Playing screens is one of the better ones I have seen till date. All and all the app provides an unforgettable user experience.


Apple Music has a huge library of music which includes almost every song that you probably want to hear. The Beats 1 Radio only adds icing on the cake. It is a live radio service that is available 24×7. It is curated by famous DJ’s such as Ebro Darden and Travis Mills to name a few.

Moreover, Apple keeps striking agreements with the major record label companies. Last year the company partnered with Warner Music Group a major player in the music industry. Moreover, for a long time, songs of popular singers such as Taylor Swift had their songs exclusively available on Apple Music.


Looking for the most popular music streaming service, remember it’s Apple Music and not Spotify. Fluid, easy to use with a wider library of songs to listen from. Definitely, Apple Music has got its users covered. The Beats 1 live radio service is a great feature to have. Especially, when you don’t know or cannot decide on what to play.

The sound quality at which the music is streamed is 320KBPS which is high enough. If you are someone who is looking for FLAC files then I’m sorry this app cannot do that yet. The Apple Music is really cheap with the base pack costing around $10 per month. Not to mention, the first three months are completely free.

Apple Music Price: Free

Believe it or not, the music streaming service is revolutionary. It has the power to stop music piracy completely. Sure, through this the musicians might not be making enough money now but it is likely to improve in the future. According to a survey, the unique users will twofold by the year 2030.

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Are you even using a music streaming service in 2018? If so which one? Do you prefer Spotify over Apple Music? Any favorite DJ’s or playlists you wanna share? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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