Google is all set for its big upcoming event, Google I/O, which is on 28 may 2015 where Google is rumoured to reveal next version of android called android M. But it’s still a rumor and we hardly have any idea about the features of this new OS. According to Ars technica, Google might announce support for fingerprint scanning in android M.

Previously, few android devices such as Samsung galaxy S5, S6, S6 edge and others have already introduced the fingerprint authentication technology. However, they were created by OEMs but with android M Google is planning to make this technology a part of android ecosystem by introducing support for it by default, but the hardware used for this technology would still be required to be included by the OEMs.

If and when Google adds support for fingerprint authentication, it is supposed to be applied to all Google apps at first then to the third-parties apps. If implemented, you would be able to use your fingerprint to access your Gmail account instead of a password or to make a play store purchase or for Google wallet authentication. Third-party apps like 1Password, Dropbox, Authy or any other app which uses a pin code or password lock for security can also make use of fingerprint authentication.

According to Motorola ex-CEO Dennis Woodside, Nexus 6 was also supposed to have a fingerprint sensor but Apple bought the one good company (Authentec) that made those. If fingerprint authentication was to be used in nexus 6, it is possible that we can see this technology in android M or next version of nexus devices.


Google confirms fingerprint authentication for android M. You’ll be able to use fingerprint scanning to pay using Android Pay, as well as unlock your device. Users will also be able to make Play Store purchases by authorizing them with their fingerprint. Usernames and passwords can be saved and authenticated with a fingerprint scan. Google also announced that developers will be able to add fingerprint scanning support to their apps.

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