A dead smartphone is the worst nightmare anyone could have in today’s generation where everything is done on your smartphone. Well, that and no internet access are the worst things one could wish for.

Whether it’s staying connected to your friends or you want to have a gaming session, all you need is a smartphone with an internet access. Well, we cannot help on the internet access part but we surely can if you have a smartphone that won’t turn on. We have a list of things you could do to resurrect your dead smartphone.

There could be various reasons a smart device refuses to turn on. Sometimes it’s due a manufacturing defect and other times it is caused due to the improper usage of the device. By improper usage, we mean how often you charge your device, your cables of the charger are intact or not or if you have flashed  of a wrong firmware on your device.

There are much more such things that could come under the category of improper usage. Whatever your reason might be we have got you covered. Perform the tasks given below in the order listed below in an attempt to resurrect your smartphone.

Things to Try When Your Android Device Won’t Turn On

1. Plug Your Device into your Charger

Well, this should be your first step if your device won’t turn on. If you are lucky this might do the thing. Sometimes your device would not turn on simply because the battery doesn’t have any juice in it. This might seem a no-brainer but few people freak out without realising how simple it was to bring their device back to life.charging-phone

Often times devices left unused for a while won’t turn on as the batteries may lose some power when kept even unused for a long duration. If you are trying to resurrect a device kept in a drawer for a long time, you should plug it in for at least a couple of hours and then try to power it on.

2. Check if Your charger is working properly

Even after plugging your device to your charger, your device doesn’t boot? It seems your charger might be the one to blame. Check the cable for cracks and torn ends, if you find some replace it with a new cable. Sometimes the adapter/charger is the one to blame, try using a different charger.

Let the device charge with the new charger, you may borrow it from your friends or family, for about couple of hours then try turning it on by pressing Power button. If it works you now know that you only need to replace your charger and your device is working fine.

3. Swap the battery

Still here? Maybe it’s your battery that has died on you. Sometimes batteries of smartphones get damaged and start leaking. You may have seen puffed up batteries of old Samsung devices, those batteries are damaged and do not work as intended. If you own a smartphone which has the capability of replacing batteries just by popping the back and inserting a new one. Then  you should try it. If not then you may need to send your device to a service center for getting your device’s batteries replaced.

4. Restore to stock firmware

Your device stopped working after installing an update on your device? Or you flashed a mod/custom ROM on your phone and then your device stopped working? If you are in this situation then you can try to restore your device to stock firmware. We do have various guides on How to Restore your Android device to Stock Firmware for many devices. Check them out here.

Restoring the firmware might work only in few cases if you could not get your smartphone to boot into any mode (Fastboot, Recovery or Download mode) then this might be difficult for you.

If you need help for a specific device just let us know in the comment section below.

5. Make it dry

Dropped your smartphone in water? Or Splashed your non-water-proof smartphone with some liquid? Your smartphone would generally stop working and won’t turn on if you accidently dropped it into the water. So control your intentions of clicking a selfie in the pool unless you have a waterproof device.

In this case, you can let your smartphone dry for a day or two. You have more chances of reviving your device if you quickly pull out the device out of the water and open the back cover, if it can be done, and then wipe off the water. Keeping your device covered in uncooked rice for a day helps to absorb all the moisture off your device, helping your device to get dry. phone-in-rice

Finally take it to the manufacturer’s service center and have it checked for other hardware problems. If you are lucky few changes to the hardware might do the trick. But keep in mind if your device is out of warranty these hardware replacements may come out to be very expensive. So make the decision wisely, you might be better off with buying a new smartphone rather than getting the old one repaired.

Hope this guide helps you resurrect your Android device and save you some bucks. If you have some tips and tricks other than listed above that could save a device and make it boot do share it with us in the comments section below.

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