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Do you feel that you have to buy a new phone every year or two because your existing phone no longer meets your expectations? If this scenario sounds familiar, you might want to consider buying a high-quality phone now to save money down the line. The best phones last much longer than the standard two-year upgrade interval, which means that their lifetime value increases. Here are 5 reasons to buy a high-end phone now and save money on upgrades.

Good Phones Should Last

When you invest in a lower-quality phone, you’re likely to experience decreased battery life, poor operation, and other problems faster than you expect. As long as you treat a good phone well, it can survive longer and allow you to save your money toward other purchases.

When you upgrade to a better phone, you can extend its life even longer by reducing wear and tear and using a screen cover and case. While you can replace a shattered screen, you probably don’t want to spend the money. Therefore, invest in protection instead of repairs.

Other excellent strategies for extending your smartphone’s life include deleting unnecessary apps and files, using a battery-saving app, and charging your phone regularly.

You Can Upgrade Performance Without Upgrading the Phone

Some people upgrade their phones unnecessarily because the newer models come with more storage space. However, a new, high-quality smartphone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, will come with a microSD slot, which allows you to increase storage without shelling out the cash for a brand new phone.

Simply buy a microSD card and insert it into the marked slot. You’ll instantly gain more space for your favorite apps, music, and other data. The newest microSD cards come with up to 512 gigabytes, which offers more than enough room for heavy use.

Small Upgrades Don’t Always Pay Off

If you’re upgrading your smartphone every six months to keep up with the latest generation of your favorite device, you’re practically flushing money down the toilet. While it’s nice to have the newest technology, an updated phone doesn’t automatically translate to a necessity.

Maybe the camera has a few more megapixels, or perhaps the phone is slightly faster than the older model. Unless you actually use the new phone, you won’t know the difference. If you buy a high-quality smartphone now, you can use it for several years. Just avoid the advertisements for the latest generation so you’re not tempted to spend money unnecessarily.

Phones Are Expensive

If you’ve bought a phone in the last couple of years, you know that they come with a hefty price tag. If you’re going to pay several hundred dollars for a phone, you want the best one on the market. Upgrading every year or two can easily put a huge dent in your savings, which can impact the rest of your financial situation.

The highest quality phones might cost a few dollars more, but you’ll thank yourself later. Focus on your new phone’s features and benefits instead of looking ahead for the next upgrade. When your two-year contract expires, you don’t have to automatically buy a new phone if your existing phone continues to function properly. You probably have plenty of other expenses, from home goods to car insurance, and upgrading too often can leave your wallet a little thin.

Save Yourself the Stress

Understanding smartphone devices and service can prove confusing. Carriers offer multiple options for both and making this decision can leave you with a headache instead of a shiny new phone. Consider buying a good smartphone now so you don’t have to repeat the process in a few months.

You get used to your phone’s features and aesthetic quality. After you’ve used it for a few weeks, your fingers can find the icons and buttons without pause, and you get comfortable with how it feels in your hands. Instead of disrupting your comfort and convenience with regular upgrades, invest in a good phone to avoid having to adjust to a new phone and deal with upgrade decisions.

While the upgrading cycle appeals to many consumers, it’s not your only option. To keep your budget in check and to enjoy the highest quality smartphone, buy a great one now and keep it for as long as possible.

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