OnePlus 3T is a rock solid device that comes with the stock version of the Android out of the box. It is running OxygenOS above the stock Android which is an official skin from the OnePlus company. I know some of you might not like the preloaded ROM or might be looking for a different experience. For them, we have compiled a list of the 5 best ROMs available right now for the OnePlus 3. So let’s skip the formal introduction and jump right into the topic.

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This is the best ROM one can get out there for the OnePlus 3T. It features a substratum theme engine based on the CM 14.1. This allows the user full access to their theme customization including NavBars, Status Bars, etc. The aspect which has made this ROM everybody’s favorite is that it comes with preloaded Viper4Android FX which is the best tool for sound customization. Even better than the DolbyAtmos. Trust me on this one. Next, the ROM is stable and runs everything very smoothly without any delay in 2D displays or lags. This is a great choice and will sure provide one with a great overall experience. Check out the associated forum.

Resurrection Remix

Next is the RR ROM. If you frequently flash the ROMs or read our blog then you might have heard about this one. The RR is the only ROM till now that has a ton of features to make your device feel like your own. Every feature you have seen in any other ROM is present in this one as well as some of the original ideas have also been added. Just go check it out. It will be worth it. Check out the associated forum.


Well, what made this ROM so popular was its simplicity. The curiosity of the people after the death of CyanogenMod has led to the rise of the LineageOS. Yes, this is the successor to the CyanogenMod ROM. If you wanna know how this ROM is different than CM ROM then Go ahead. Install it. You will surely appreciate this ROM. Check out the associated forum.


XOSP stands for Xperia Open Source Project. This ROM has all the features that a Sony Smartphone would have. Such features include Sony Music, Sony Album, etc. The XOSP ROM has a different set of apps to represent its unique and bold look. To check out all the features have a look at this link.


Oct-OS generally referred to as Oct-N is stable and being improved day by day. What makes this ROM unique is its developers. If you want a feature that is interesting to you then ask them they will add it in the ROM. Pretty great, isn’t it. The ROM is in beta and same as any other custom ROMs with versatility and power of customization. Although this ROM is a step forward as it is based on LineageOS. Check out the associated forum.

Remember- Most of these ROMs have multi-ROM support. So you can enjoy two ROMs at the same type. Keep an eye on their respective forums at XDA to find out more.

That’s it. Those were the five best ROMs for the OnePlus 3. I’m sure you will fall in love with one. Don’t be shy, try it.

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