3 Solid Reasons For NOT Using Cloud
3 Solid Reasons For NOT Using Cloud

There are 2 types of people in this world- one who require a lot of storage for their devices and the others who store their data on Cloud. When the word “Cloud” comes up, everybody has different opinions. According to me, Cloud is not really a good solution for storage problem on devices. I think that Cloud brings more problems for us than the solution. Here in this article, I will try to explain my point of view on Cloud, what are its disadvantages and 3 solid reasons for not using Cloud.

As a concept, the Cloud doesn’t Convince me to use it

A basic right of a person is his/her privacy. No one should try to breach a person’s privacy. So, when I upload my files on Cloud, someone do have a right to view them (although I know, at that level no has time for it). But still, the point is that my data should be accessible only to me. Technology, although is advancing in pushing us back as the privacy of data uploaded on Cloud, is a big concern. This is purely my opinion and I know it will differ from person to person. So, if there’s someone who trusts the Cloud system, the NextBit Robin smartphone is perfect for them. This smartphone has 32 GB ROM and is fully integrated with Cloud system.


As I said before I can’t trust any Cloud system to fully protect my data. Besides privacy, what if someone unauthorized get access to my private data? What if my files are hacked? The hacker will get my data and can do anything. Remember, what happened with Apple a few years ago? Although, Apple say that the issue is closed and the data of users is secured, but then again who knows?

Do I really need it?

If I and many other people think what they and I do with a smartphone, then most of us realize that a microSD card is the best fit for us. Most of you people don’t even fill their internal 32 GB memory. Some who do fill their memory with videos and pictures which they will never look at again. For this, Cloud may have an advantage as for storing photos and videos, Cloud may cost less than the traditional physical storage devices.

Whatever be the case one thing is for sure. You can’t escape Cloud. Even I use Cloud for storing some of my data but that data isn’t important to me. Also, I try to escape Cloud as much as possible.

So, if any of you have a different opinion than me, then please convince me to believe that Cloud is a wonder. Drop down a comment below and let us know your opinion on Cloud.

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