3 Best Free Lyrics Apps for Android
3 Best Free Lyrics Apps for Android

Lyrics are an important part of any song. I love listening music, especially the ones with deep and meaningful lyrics. Plus, it’s fun to sing along. This is where apps specifically designed to show you lyrics come in. There are a lot of such apps. In fact, the number is so big that you can easily get confused while selecting the best one. Fear not. Here are four of the best lyrics apps for Android.

QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics

QuickLyric is my favorite lyrics app at the moment. It’s extremely clean and looks good. It supports a variety of music players like Google play music, Spotify, Apple music, Shuttle music player, Phonograph, PowerAmp, etc.

QuickLyric can identify the song you are playing and instantly shows lyrics to that specific song. There’s no need for you to type the name every time you change the track.

QuickLyric can download the lyrics for all your songs at once. And, for the karaoke fans, the synchronized lyrics work perfectly.

QuickLyric is available for download on the Google play store at zero cost. However, it does show you ads. The app comes with In-App Purchase that unlocks some extra themes, night mode and removes ads.

QuickLyric - Instant Lyrics Price: Free

Genius – Song Lyrics & More

Genius boasts the tag for being the world’s largest collection of song lyrics. While I can’t confirm that, I can tell that I was able to find lyrics for all of my songs on the app.

What makes Genius stand apart from other similar apps is that it provides you the meaning behind the lyrics. Yes. Just tap on any sentence in your lyrics and you’ll find an explanation for that particular sentence. While a majority of explanations are provided by the users, there are a few artists that comment every now and then.

Genius — Song Lyrics & More Price: Free

Lyrics Grabber

Lyrics Grabber has been my favorite lyrics app for years. In fact, I switched to QuickLyric just yesterday to try something new.

First things first, Lyrics Grabber isn’t available on the Google play store anymore. You will have to sideload the app from an external source. But, it’s worth it.

Lyrics Grabber is extremely lightweight – just a few KBs. It works just like any other lyrics app – it gets activated when you play music and it shows a notification in the notification bar. Tap on it and it’ll fetch the lyrics for you. Once the lyric is fetched, it can also be accessed without the need of an internet connection.

Download Lyric Grabber

That’s it. Get singing!

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