It looks like Microsoft has taken it upon itself to make Android more productive. I mean, just see for yourself, Microsoft is all in the Google play store. From past few months, it’s been launching some quite useful apps some of which we have already told you about.

It seems like Microsoft now understands the importance of cross-platform development and is trying really hard to embrace both Android and iOS with some quality apps. It has already made available its flagship services like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Cortana, etc. Other than that it has also developed apps like Next Lock Screen, Picturesque Lock Screen,Office Lens, Hyperlapse, Arrow Launcher and Parchi.

Although Microsoft has so many awesome apps in its arsenal, it hasn’t stopped it from offering more. Recently it launched a promotional digital content creation tool to help small and mid-sized business create catalogs, flyers, and price lists on the go called Sprightly.

Here are 2 more awesome apps that Microsoft recently launched in the Google play store.



Contacts are an important part of everyone. Some have more, some have less, but everyone has their contacts. Since Microsoft has launched various apps for Android in different categories, this time, its garage team has decided to make managing your contacts a bit better than it already is. For this, they launched Connections.

Connections assists you in organizing and managing information regarding your contacts. You can write down notes or set reminders for a contact during/after the call. These notes or reminders will appear on the screen when you call or get a call from the person for whom these notes and reminders are set.

When it was launched a few months ago, it was only available in India. But few months have passed now so it could also be available outside India.

Sorry, this app is not available!



Another awesome app that Microsoft recently threw at us is Kaizala. It’s a work chat app, like Slack. It aims towards simplifying your majority of business related works like tracking bills, jobs, location and much more. All this happens via a simple chat interface. You can create chat rooms to talk to your partners, associates, colleagues, and customers.

I think the existence of Kaizala comes from the fact that Microsoft was thinking of buying Slack for a huge $8 billion but the idea was dropped.

Kaizala could really prove useful for small and mid-sized business who have a smartphone as their only computer. They can keep track of their employees, track locations, share useful information and much more.

Microsoft Kaizala Price: Free

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