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How to Stop Private Pictures and Videos from Showing in the Gallery

Nowadays, smartphone cameras take more crisp and detailed picture than they ever used to take before. The current technology has saved people a lot of money which otherwise would have been put in buying...

PrivateMe Hides Apps Like They Don’t Even Exist

The Google Playstore is chock full of App lockers, some bad, some good, some even better. Some even allow locking pictures behind an encryption. The point is, there is no lack of quality privacy...

2 Ways to Hide Photos & Videos on Android

Long gone are days when a phone was used just for making calls. With the rise in technology, smartphones have become much more than just a calling device. We keep lots of data in our...

Top Android Apps for Hiding Your Images, Videos, Messages and Apps

Everyone of us has secrets that we would not wish to be disclosed to others. There was a time when secrets used o be lied buried in the depth of our mind, but our growing dependency...

4 Apps and Ways to Hide Almost Anything on Android Devices

It is discomforting to experience when a friend asks for your phone and tries to open some app and you have got an "App Lock" protecting your stuff. Wouldn't it be awesome if we...

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