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microG Let’s You Use Android Without Google

It's a well-known fact that Android is for all intents and purposes an open source software. That means anyone with the know how can modify and even sell the software and Google can't do...

How to Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain

Even if you don't see Google Play Services in your app drawer, there is a good chance you're still familiar with the name. Play Services is the reason for a number of crashes on Android...
Fix ''Google Play authentication is required'' Error

How to Fix ”Google Play authentication is required” Error

Just a while ago I was contemplating on how much we rely on Google every day. I use Google Photos to backup all my photos, Google Keep for notes and reminders, Google Fit to...

Google Play Services 10.2 Update Comes with Instant Tethering Feature

The latest version of Google Play Services, specifically version 10.2, brings a new feature that Google is working towards rolling out to all devices. The feature is called Instant Tethering and it will act...

Google Play Books Updated With Improved Reading For Comic Books

Comics books have been around for generations and its importance is very highlighted to us because many TV shows are based of them nowadays. The main part is that even though we have entered...

Google Play Services Updated, Comes with Android Pay

If you have been keeping up with the recent rumors that you might be knowing that Google is planning on launching the new payment service using NFC called as android pay. But technically this...

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