If you have been keeping up with the recent rumors that you might be knowing that Google is planning on launching the new payment service using NFC called as android pay. But technically this service isn’t ¬†exactly activated. We were all expecting in the service to be launched last Wednesday but that turned out to be a false alarm but we do know that this service is well on its way.

How exactly do we know that? Aside from all the rumors at the news that is been circulating over the past few days a new update to the Google Play Services application contains hard evidence that it has Android Pay support, for those who have updated the application will have noticed that there was a new option under the “Tap and Pay” option which would allow users to select between Google Wallet and Android Pay.

Android Pay Screenshot

I think we are fairly excited to see how Android Pay is going to revolutionize the payment industry after the failure of Google wallet, but it’s fair to say that after the introduction of NFC three years ago the way mobile payments are done is completely changed.since then, Apple Pay has established itself as the benchmark for how mobile payment should work first launched in the US in October 2014 it uses NFC to make payments and it comes included in every iPhone 6 running version 8.1 or above of Apple’s iOS operating system.

Even though Apple Pay and Android Pay are to be competing with each other they are going to remove many of the hassles when it comes to using your phone to manage different payment methods be it by a quick password or a fingerprint scan to pay for in app purchases.

If you haven’t seen the new update yet and you really want to get your hands on the new Google play services application you can grab it straight from the link given below.

Google Play Services 8.1 (Android Pay Support)

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