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Galaxy S3 Tips and Tricks

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 still holds a trend in the market with its amazing hardware of  Super AMOLED 4.8 inches Gorilla Glass display, Exynos...

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It's true that most users do some research before buying a smartphone and when it comes to choosing a carrier, they often make their...

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Android is an open source operating system for handheld devices that provides a better and more open environment for developers and common users. Google...

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We all have notification sounds on our phones or tablet devices irrespective of what brand or platform or price range they belongs to. Such...

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Samsung's firmware for its Android devices have several components and CSC is one of them. The term is an abbreviated form of Consumer...

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The are various instances of exploits bringing out the security vulnerabilities of Samsung's flagship Galaxy devices. To arouse the trust of business class customers,...

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Android is an awesome platform for smartphones and tablet devices. It offers more features, apps an choice of devices to users. Most of the...

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What is a smartphone without network connectivity? A phone without signal bars on the statusbar is reduced to a multimedia gadget capable of playing...

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Listening to music of some kind has always been one of the most favorite pastimes of human race since the dawn of civilization. We...

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Most Android users refrain from gettings involved with stuff like rooting and flashing ROMs simply because they are afraid of getting their phone or...

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