4.3 on Galaxy Nexus

4.3 on Galaxy Nexus

Today on 24th of July, when the tech world is whirling with anticipation, and with only about 4 hours to go for the final Event in which, we are absolutely sure, Android 4.3 is going to get released. However, you know this already don’t you? With all the news flying around about the New Nexus 7 tablet and the 4.3 leaks for the Galaxy S4 and Nexus 4, the Previous iteration of the nexus series, the Galaxy Nexus, has been missing from the spot light. Well, let’s change that and, this is NOT a rumor.

We have personally spotted android 4.3 Jelly Bean on a Galaxy Nexus,  very recently. One of our friends works for Google, and we have had the extremely rare opportunity to see 4.3 running on his Galaxy Nexus, and took it for a very brief ride. Unfortunately, due to Google’s NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), we could not obtain a screenshot or any specific proof, nor can we reveal the Google employee’s name. However, we do have great news.

The new WiFi drivers which allows the WiFi to be always on, albeit in a low power mode, to provide a better and less battery intensive location service, was present on the Galaxy Nexus. Also, this device was updated by Google itself, directly, and we have reasons to believe that it is rock stable, more buttery smooth than it was on 4.2.2 and a far better overall battery life. Hopefully, this indicates some inside-the-hood stuff Google might have done with the kernel or drivers for a more efficient battery consumption. Also, he’s been running it for more than a week now.

So, the Galaxy Nexus owners out there, stay seated and in peace, but I wont blame you if you are excited either. We will be covering the Google event scheduled for today as well. Remember, you heard it from us 4 hours before Google told you. Stay tuned.

we hope today’s (or tonight’s, depending on which side of the planet you are on) Google event will be full of the usual excitement, hopefully getting many good news.