Oh yea, the most downloaded and used famous IM app, considered as a must have app  by many and now the first thing to reckon after the Facebook and WhatsApp collaboration is definitely this. Having it officially from the developers of Whatsapp was just a day and now this update that you will love, for sure.

WhatsApp just released a new beta (testing) version which finally supports hiding the “last seen”, profile picture and status from your friends or strangers. Following is how it could be done,go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen or Profile picture or Status. Tap on anyone of them and select your choice. For those who are new to WhatsApp or interested in knowing, here is what the selections will do.

  • Everyone: Simply everyone, who has your contact number in their list can see.
  • My contacts: Contacts in your phonebook list can can only see and no one else even if they have you in their list
  • Nobody: This is interesting, hide it from everyone, doesn’t matter its in your list or the corresponding party’s.

We have waited long for this and I’m sure so have you. But wait, there is something else that came grabbing our eyes. This new bonus feature helps you to pay for your friends’ WhatsApp services, so now if you are however delightfully willing to help your pals, it could be done easily. Just go to Settings > Account > Payment info, tap on the 3-dot menu or the hardware menu button and select “Pay for a friend” and then “CHOOSE A CONTACT“. Select the contact you want to help and there you go.


So if you are interested in these new features, which i am sure that you are, then just click on the link mentioned below and download the latest APK from the WhatsApp server to enjoy this new feature. We hope to see this version up on the Play Store soon. Leave your feedback via comments which is very valuable to us.

Download WhatsApp version: 2.11.169


  1. Its shows online when u r online is straight forward bt my Que is last seen status seen to my friends when im not online

  2. Its not work…

    my last seen status seen by my freinds after set to nobody option of last seen.

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