You can’t always subscribe to ‘cross your fingers and hope for the best’ policy in life. In order to ensure a proper work-life balance, you need to stay updated about your work and family. Due to the fast-paced lives we live, it is impossible to keep hold of everything that’s going on around you. Are you ever curious whom your daughter is currently dating or what’s your wife’s routine when you’re not around, or which of your employees are disloyal at work?

Widespread misuse of technology platforms has made it more nuanced, the struggle which we deal constantly. is a monitoring app designed to support you in your efforts to keep a tab on your partnerships, both at work and home. It is an app that allows tech gadgets to be used in an efficient manner so that all your tech experiences are safe and productive.

Here is a detailed review of XNSPY which can help you make an informed purchase decision about it. We have covered as many aspects as we find necessary. Read further to get acquainted with this smart spyware technology.

XNSPY Overview: First look

An effective monitoring tool, XNSPY has diverse uses. From smart parenting to successful business management, the app offers numerous possibilities to the user. XNSPY is an android spyware app that is also compatible with iOS devices. Being commercially available, the app offers personal data security, as well as providing partial backup. The software offers remote functionality, that is, you can spy on target phone without accessing it. So you don’t need to jump at the opportunity to snoop into the target phone when he leaves his phone unattended.

What’s interesting is the fact that XNSPY works in stealth mode so your target will never know he’s being spied on. It monitors each and every activity of the target undetectably. Let us mention, the app does not try to control what your target does, it simply ensures real-time reporting through instant notifications. So if you require an effective surveillance tool, XNSPY is a pretty decent choice.

Getting started – Compatibility and Installation

XNSPY falls in the category of apps that neither interfere nor are noticed while monitoring a target. It works on all rooted and non-rooted devices. The app supports all tech gadgets with android versions 4.x, 5.x, 6.x & 7.0. Unlike iPhones, you need to install XNSPY on all android phones. Thus, physical installation is mandatory to access the app.

There is a clear set of instructions regarding the installation process. The app is easy to set-up and install, taking almost 3-5 minutes for both installation and downloading. Each step is discussed in detail to facilitate the beginners and techno wizards alike.

  1. To begin spying, visit XNSPY website,
  2. Enter your login credentials, that is, your email address and password.
  3. After logging in, a monitoring screen appears on your device where you have to select the target device (XNSPY for Android) that you want to monitor.
  4. When you click on the selected device, a web-based control panel appears on your screen which is the ‘Dashboard Monitoring’ page. The page portrays a graph of call and texts, along with the mapped location of the target and his message correspondence.
  5. A list of features is available on the left-side of the panel from where you can select any feature which you currently want to monitor.

There is no visible icon of XNSPY on the target phone. You can access the mobile data of target via the online console.

Features – doing it right!

Simply tap on the screen and get introduced with an intuitive and reliable set of features of XNSPY. It is a handy tool offering a large number of features. Below are some of the distinctive features that the android spyware app promises to deliver.

  • Monitoring call logs

Whether you are a concerned parent, employee or a spouse, you can use this feature to determine the number of incoming/outgoing and missed calls of your target. The call log portrays not only the frequency of these calls but also show the name of the caller, his contact, date and time stamp of each call, and call duration. You can also view the entire contact list of the target.

  • Reading texts and chats

The proliferation of communication platforms has enabled people to manhandle technology through sexting, cyberbullying, corporate espionage, etc. To curb such evils, XNSPY allows you to keep a check on message and chat correspondence of your family and employees. You can read message conversation on texts, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc. Detailed information is available along with the message content, including the name of message sender/receiver, date and time stamp, and geotags (an icon which determines the exact location of a message sender/receiver when a particular message was sent/received).

  • Location tracking

Through geo-tracking and geofencing, you can track the current location of your target and also view it through mapping provided by the app. The exact address is given along with the longitudes and latitudes for further specification. You can also monitor the location history of your target for an entire day.

  • Watch-list alerts

To prevent any unauthorized activity from taking place, you can turn on watch-list notifications in the settings of the dashboard panel. You can watch-list contacts that you don’t approve of, along with specific words in the messages to depict any unusual activity in message conversation. There are certain locations that you want to be aware of if your target visits them so you can also watch-list those locations in order to stay abreast with the activities of your target.

  • Recording calls and surroundings

You can automatically record all the incoming and outgoing calls as well as phone surroundings. Call recordings are then downloaded so that you can listen to them at any time. Phone surroundings are recorded so that you can hear the in-room conversations taking place near your target. This can help you better comprehend the situation.

Pros and Cons of XNSPY

No app review is complete without analyzing its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of XNSPY – the app that ensures our digital safety needs.


  • All XNSPY features are offered on a rooted Android device.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Send remote commands to the target phone through the control panel, e.g. live screenshots, wiping data, etc.
  • Lock the target phone in case it is stolen or is being hacked by an intruder.
  • Monitor texts and emails that the target deletes from his phone.
  • Customer support is quick, efficient, and responsive.


  • It does not let you set time limits on the target phone.
  • Impossible to install/de-activate the device without physical installation.
  • Social media monitoring is limited, enabling you to monitor Instagram only.
  • Internet connection is a pre-requisite for the app to function.

Pricing policy

Pricing often has a strong impact on a product’s value and its rating. In the case of XNSPY, it significantly increases the value of this app. Though there is no such thing as a free trial, the feeling is meliorated thanks to its flexible refund policies. XNSPY offers two subscription packages: Premium and Basic. The subscription fee can be paid in three terms; monthly, quarterly, and annually. The Basic edition costs $8.32/month, which is lower than the Premium edition which costs $12.49/month. The number of features offered differs in both the packages so you can choose the subscription plan that best suits your needs and requirements.

The verdict!

Being reclusive to the digital technology is not possible these days. To prevent technology abuse, cell phone monitoring apps are required with a sense of urgency. XNSPY is thoroughly professional when it comes to monitoring and quick reporting. With its user-friendly setup, budgeted pricing, and 24/7 customer support, it can be a potential choice for the users. Though there are certain limitations when it comes to features but overall, it offers a good value for your money.

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