Xiaomi is a brand that has been gathering its forces for the last couple of years. Slowly but swiftly it has integrated itself in the ranks of the top tier manufacturers and the large following that it benefits from now eagerly awaits news about new releases and future plans. Such a situation has emerged again, with fans taking Xiaomi’s recent announcements as hints for Xiaomi Mi 6.

At the GPI (Geek Park Innovation) event, the co-founder of Xiaomi made a couple of statements regarding the brand’s products. Among these were detail announcements for a supposedly upcoming device. Needles to say this has sparked rumors throughout the Xiaomi community and everybody believes that the device in question is Mi 6.

Rumored Specs for Xiaomi’s Mi 6:

  • The phone will feature a metallic casing and a fingerprint sensor;
  • There will be a USB C connection available;
  • The camera that comes with the device will have 16 MP and will be able to record 4K video;
  • The camera will also benefit from a dual Flash setup;
  • There will be a regular and curved model for the Mi 6, the latter using OLED technology while the former uses LCD;
  • The processing capabilities will be ensured by a Snapdragon 835 chip provided by Qualcomm;
  • Memory will be covered by the existing 6 GB of RAM;
  • Battery will come with a 3000 mAh capacity;
  • The maximum storage memory capacity is going to be 256 GB.

While these are the rumored specs for Mi 6, there are chances that we might see a different variation of the device going under the name Mi 6E. There aren’t any rumors about it yet so it’s kind of difficult to predict what the model will offer.

If you’re thinking about going for either model of the device, make sure to stack your wallet accordingly as the regular version of the device will be available for around $290 while the curved, more fancy version comes with a higher price of $360.

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