Rarely there is something that is so awesome, that it is often the sole reason which makes people buy a smartphone. Whatsapp is One such app. Not only does it offer a new mode of instant communication to everyone, it has helped people all over the world to significantly cut down on SMS(Short Messaging Service) costs.

And then the app does something radical. It changes, revamps, and gets completely redesigned to look awesome beyond anyone’s expectations. Yes, Whatsapp has an update. It is not yet in the Google Play Store worldwide just yet, but you can get it  from the Website itself. We present to you, the new Whatsapp.

Changes As we saw it:

  • More ‘Holo-obedient’
  • More compatible with Jellybean as the two finger pull down with expanded notification in the status bar now works.
  • Larger photo preview according to the picture size.
  • Adapted new android design style from the very core.
    -Send button replaced by arrow button as seen in stock ICS+ messaging app.
    -Contact pictures are now Square and loads the same way as in Messaging app.
  • Performance and stability improvements in the code.
  • Emoticons position has changed from top right corner to bottom left corner, left of the writing field.

Whatsapp Version 2.9.2294 – Get it Here

It probably just a Beta right now, but it should be on the Play Store soon enough. For when it comes on the Play Store :

WhatsApp Messenger Price: Free

(Tell what you feel about it in the comments below, like it or hate it ?)


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