There has been a long debate when it comes to choosing a smartphone for personal use. The factors that people usually talk about are battery life, the processor, the camera, display quality and much more. But you will never see people talking about the “Android”, the phone has. Yes! They do talk about the version of android the phone carries, but nothing more than that.

There enters the question of having a stock android or a skinned android. Tech nerds must know very well what  stock android is, but for a newbie, it is very important to understand, what I am referring to. After all that’s what this post is about.

Skinned Android is the version of android in phones like Samsung (TouchWiz), HTC (Sense) and Xiaomi (MIUI). Most manufacturers create simple skins to make changes in the operating software to give a user an experience that differs from other smartphone manufacturers.

Stock Android is known as “pure android version”. It is available in Google nexus phones. It is a default android OS, directly from Google without any kind of bloatware or theme added on top of it. In short, stock Android is the way Android was meant to be.

Now, let us take a look at why I prefer stock android over skinned android.

Firstly, you will have a true Google experience, as the user gets to interact with their OS directly, which is built and sent directly from the Android team. Secondly, you will not have to wait for the phone manufacturer to release the OS update, as you will get the quick updates from Google directly. Thirdly, your device will always feel like a new one as it will be running the latest OS all the time.

Believe it or not but stock android is faster than the skinned version. As there are no modifications here it can work perfectly even if your phone’s specifications are a bit low.

Moreover, you will end up being a happier customer and one with lot fewer headaches to worry about the updates and interface problems. Skinned Android does give you many options to spice up your mobile with changes in phone experience but when you seek originality and a smooth user experience, stock Android will always have an upper hand.

Since, it is stock android vs. skinned android, one thing is clear; skinned android is here to stay as there are people, who do not mind experimenting with the UI and want to experience something more than the basic.

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