The world of technology and gadgets is full of tech spies who do not miss a single opportunity to leak what otherwise is meant to be hidden before official release. Rumors and leaks surround a new gadget before it is unveiled. Samsung might rely on little Mr. Jeremy Maxwell to keep the secret undisclosed till next Thursday (March 14) but what about the big “Maxwells”? A few days back we published AnTuTu benchmark reports of the Galaxy S4 which reiterated the former rumors about it specs.

A bunch of new screenshots of the Samsung Galaxy S4 seem to verify the some of the  rumors and, at the same time, reveal some new things too. Let’s take a look at the screenshots first, and then try to mark how it is different from what we already have in Samsung’s current flagship devices.

Among the new changes that are revealed by the homescreen screenshot are: 4G support (remember it’s American variant), transparent weather widget, page sliders have more solid feel, and the icons have been retouched.

The most remarkable changes can be found in phone Settings, however. Samsung has now changed the whole Settings UI. The options appear to have been classified according to certain attribute and in place of a long list of settings options, you can see a new bar at the top from where you can access settings options  for a certain group.

While most of the older settings options like Blocking Mode and Homescreen Mode have been retained, there are also some new exciting things. The screenshots confirm the presence of the highly rumored Smart Scroll feature on the Galaxy S4. The Smart Scroll feature will scroll pages automatically depending on where the user is looking at the screen and we hope that this feature will support the apps like Contacts, My Files, Call log, Gmail, Office Suite, web browser, Gmail and a few more. And how can such a scrolling feature be called “smart” unless it has scroll speed control options.

Another new feature found in the  upcoming Galaxy S4, as revealed by the screenshots, is the Smart Pause feature. It’s a very nice feature that will freeze the video playback when it detects that you are not looking at the screen.

The last two screenshots seem to be a clear indication that Samsung has now added a light theme that is very similar to what you see in the company’s tablet devices like Galaxy Tab 2 and Note 10.1. If it is true, and it seems it is, you will be able to change the phones theme: a light one and the old dark theme.

Well, leaks always come in small morsels and we will be able to get the whole of the dish on March 14 when the Galaxy S4 is announced officially. Therefore, “beware on the Ides of March!” (Julius Caesar, Shakespeare)


source: gsm-israel

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