Samsung dominates the global smartphone market. At a time when most other manufacturers of Android devices are either suffering from loss or marginal profit, the Korean giant has managed to be the only OEM that has been reaping heavy profit. Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note series devices are very popular and are sold in millions of units. Of all Galaxy S flagships from the company, the Galaxy S3 is the most selling device.

The very news, leak or report about what an upcoming Samsung Galaxy S would look like and feature is enough to create a sensation among tech fanatics. I went through the same sensation last year before the Samsung Unpacked 4 at Radio City Music Hall, New York on March 14, 2013. All Samsung fans had high hopes that the OEM would get rid of the plastic feel and the pathetic TW UX. The very first glimpse of the Galaxy S4 turned all hope upside down. What Samsung came with in the name of innovation was just a larger avatar of the Galaxy S3 with some added flavor of gimmicks.

Anyways, that even has become a thing of past and we find ourselves once again on the verge of another unpacked event from Samsung. Sensation and curiosity are still there but they have lost their sharpness. What is coming out from the recent leaks and reports is just another possibility that Samsung has learnt from their past failures and has managed to overcome the sluggishness of TW and lack of freshness in design. Will the company really surprise its critics and users this time?

The answer is just an hour away! You can watch the Samsung Unpacked 5 2014 Event Livestream from MWC, Barcelona on its official YouTube channel. To track the Samsung’s even in your local time, click here.



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